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Free investment guides

We’ve put together a summary of all our investment guides here in one place. They are all completely free and we’re happy for you to request as few or as many guides as you want.

To request your guide(s), you’ll need to complete this form, selecting the guides you’d like to receive. Once you’ve provided your details, we’ll  email them to your inbox within minutes. Don’t worry, we won’t pass on your details to any third parties.

Beginners Guides


Create Wealth

Looking to take more of an active role in managing your own finances? This short guide is a must read for anyone thinking of starting their journey towards becoming a self-directed investor

Choose Your Broker

If you already know which markets you want to trade, and the products you will use to trade them, this guide will help you to ask the important questions and find the right broker

What Are Futures?

If you are already familiar with CFDs or Spreadbetting, this guide will help you to understand how futures work, the types of markets you can trade and how you can get started


Trading / Investment Guides


Trading Momentum

This guide is designed to help traders determine their entry and exit strategies. It’s not product or market specific so it’ll appeal to all types of traders interested in maximising profits

Now you’ve checked out our guides, complete this request form, select the guides you’d like to receive and we’ll send them to your email in minutes.

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