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Investment, Trading And Financial Betting Tips For Novice Traders And Investors

If you are a novice trader looking for investment, trading and financial betting tips, you have come to the right place. The Armchair Trader was set up to educate visitors about the types of markets they can invest in or trade, and highlight the pit falls of leverage trading. With the market continuously fluctuating, understanding them and building your own strategies is a valuable tool to help build wealth. Alongside our investment, trading and financial betting tips, we’ll introduce visitors to a range of regulated and high-quality brokers, as we help novice traders to find their path to self-directed financial enlightenment.

Growing your wealth is possible using our simple steps, outlined and explained in-depth through our getting started section. Knowing where to begin with stocks, shares, investments and trading can be incredibly overwhelming, but The Armchair Trader provides straightforward guides designed to give you the confidence to take on investments and trading yourself. We have divided the financial markets into four different areas, stocks and shares, region & sectors, currencies and commodities, which we have outlined and suggested the financial markets which are best for interest rates.

Keeping Up To Date With Financial Markets

When it comes to financial markets, it’s vital that investors and traders keep up to date with the latest news and stories. By signing up to our daily digest newsletter, getting to grips with the markets has never been easier. Sent out every morning at 8am, you’ll receive daily insight and market analysis, perfect to digest over breakfast or during the daily commute to work. By keeping all the latest stories in one place, we have made it accessible for everyone to learn more about financial markets every day.

The best thing about The Armchair Trader, is that our advice, newsletters and investment, trading and financial betting tips are all completely free to obtain and updated on a daily basis to that you can keep up with the important stories from the financial markets. If you would like to find out more information about the financial markets or our tips, contact us and our experienced team will be  happy to answer any questions you may have.

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How can we help you get started?

Are you interested in learning how to invest or trade? If you’re not sure, check out our Get Started section

Want to learn how to invest?

Discover how you can grow your wealth effectively by investing in the financial markets

Or learn to trade?

Discover the fast moving and exhilarating world of trading and find out if it’s right for you

Not sure where to begin? Let us help you get started

If you’re not sure where to begin, or whether investing in the financial markets is  right for you, we’ve created a simple walkthrough that’s designed to help you get started.

An Insight Into Financial Markets, Investing, Trading and Betting

We have accumulated a number of resources and articles that cover all the areas of financial markets, teaching novice traders how to invest and trade. Every step is broken down to ensure a seamless and straightforward way of learning on how to build your wealth and navigate the financial markets.

Our mission at The Armchair Trader is simple; to educate and inspire investors and traders to increase their long-term financial independence. To establish this knowledge, an insight into the most popular markets is crucial, which is why we have written about them all, so you can get to know how they all work.

Through our detailed analysis, we have made finding a broker a simple process for you, creating a filtered way to find the broker that suits your needs. From FTSE 100 listed Hargreaves Lansdown to Saxo Markets, from ETX Capital to Pepperstone, we review many of the biggest names in the financial markets.

Discover the most popular financial markets


Indexes represent the average performance of a group of shares, usually the largest shares in a market ranked by total value. Here’s a list of the most popular indexes.

London Stock Exchange

Shares or stocks representing an ownership interest. These can be held in private or publicly traded companies, available on the stock market.


Currency Trading is the act of buying and selling the different currencies of the world. The Foreign Exchange (FX) market allows you to trade currencies in volume.


Commodities are raw materials or primary agricultural products that can be bought and sold, such as wheat, copper,  coffee, silver and platinum.

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