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The financial markets fall into six key areas, Stocks and SharesIndicesCurrenciesCommodities, Bonds and Property. Whether you decide on a long term investing plan in an ISA or SIPP or a short term trading strategy, the underlying markets you have access to will remain the same.

Some markets, like Funds and Stocks & Shares lend themselves to longer term strategies where growth and dividends may offer substantial returns over a period of 5 years or more while other markets like Commodities and Currencies offer greater volatility and opportunities for intra-day or weekly trading.

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UK investors have a choice of products to gain access to the financial markets. The product(s) you choose will depend on the markets you are interested in and your attitude to risk.

Many investors choose a stocks and shares isa or a SIPP using an online stockbroker where they can choose from a range of Stocks and SharesExchange Traded Funds and Managed Funds.

For short term strategies, a Spread BettingContracts for difference, Forex or Futures & Options account will provide access to many of the same markets but with magnified stakes.

Find the right product

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The brokers on our lists are authorised and regulated by the FCA, BaFIN, ASIC or SEC so you can be sure they meet the highest possible standards.

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Through detailed analysis we have made finding a broker a simple process, creating a filtered way to find the broker that suits your needs.

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About The Armchair Trader

Established in 2010 to provide education and insight on what is happening in the financial markets, The Armchair Trader is designed to meet the needs of private investors with little or no track record that wish to learn more about the financial markets.

Our mission at The Armchair Trader is simple; to spread the message that growing wealth through the financial markets isn’t just something for the select few, but for the many. Access to the markets has never been easier and we feel it’s something that everyone should be able to navigate.

The Armchair Trader is free to use for all visitors. We won’t charge a fee of any kind for our educational content – as our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to grow their wealth through the financial markets.

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