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Established in 2010 to provide jargon-free intelligence on what is happening in the global online broking industry, The Armchair Trader is tailored to the requirements of private individuals, especially those with no track record in the financial industry that wish to learn more about trading financial markets. Our mission is to help new to intermediate traders make sense of the often complex and opaque world of online derivatives and stock trading, and to hopefully avoid some of the costly early mistakes.

The Armchair Trader is here to help

The Armchair Trader was originally founded to help new traders navigate the complex and opaque environment presented to them when looking at the choices available to trade online. The site uses a ‘no nonsense’ approach to its discussions about trading financial markets, including emphasising the potential risks and pitfalls that can catch inexperienced traders out.

Providers of financial trading accounts, including CFDs, spread betting and futures, have improved their trader education programs over the past five years, but beginners still find the market frustrating, confusing, and ultimately expensive when it comes to early mistakes.

The website is designed to help new traders look at the broad trading decisions they need to make in terms of which markets they want to trade and what their likely risk tolerance is going to be.

New traders need to be clear about what their objectives are when they first open an account, and the site aims to help to inform them of which instruments and markets they should be looking at.

The Armchair Trader is completely free to use

The Armchair Trader is completely free to use for all visitors. We won’t ask for payment of any kind. The website is paid for by advertisers and affiliate partners who will pay us through pay-per-click activity, advertorials or when a visitor clicks on a broker link and opens an account.

Having built up loads of experience within the finance industry, we are very careful about the advertisers and partners we feature on the site. We will only include authorised and regulated brokers within our comparison tables and guides – to provide a layer of security for visitors.

Although this stance helps us to protect our visitors, we can’t offer any guarantees that issues will not occur from time to time. Make sure you are aware of your consumer rights, should you feel that you are being unfairly treated by any of the brokers featured – and let us know too.  If we hear of consistent problems from any of our listed brokers, we’ll be sure to raise concerns directly with them and in certain cases, remove them from the site.

Our aim is to provide only the best options for our visitors

We hope you find the information on the site valuable in your journey to become a self-directed investor or trader. We wish you every success.