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Italian crypto custodian launches low risk digital pairs trading facility


Anubi Digital – one of the leading Italian crypto custodians, has introduced DUO, a new service that allows traders to own a diversified pair of two digital assets working in synergy via Uniswap’s liquidity pools and earning sustainable crypto rewards over time. Customers can access DUO from Euros or from any other cryptocurrency in custody on the Anubi Digital platform.

Of all the opportunities present in DeFi, providing liquidity to decentralised exchanges such as Uniswap is the most transparent and economically viable: rewards are derived directly from the fees generated on-chain by the exchanges themselves, with no exposure to centralised counterparties or to leverage.

Providing liquidity, however, is a highly complex activity. This is why Anubi Digital has created DUO, which is accessible directly from Euros and, the custodian says, makes liquidity provision easily available to everyone.

Diego D’Aquilio, CEO of Anubi Digital, explained the reasoning behind the launch: “DUO is our answer to a specific demand for solutions that allow digital assets to work in a transparent, diversified and profitable way. DUO was conceived with a long-term vision based on our strong belief that efficiency and transparency are fundamental pillars for this industry to growth. Shaping this growth is part of Anubi Digital’s mission”.

The flexibility of being able to enter and exit DUO with any digital asset – or directly from Euros – and the complete automation of the deposit, withdrawal and fee collection process make DUO unique in the crypto landscape.

How does DUO work then?

Traders can choose between four different DUOs: BTC/ETH, ETH/USDC, BTC/USDC, USDC/USDT: crypto prime assets with substantial liquidity. DUO can also be purchased without owning the constituent asset pair: simply select a starting asset – Euro or your own crypto in custody on the Anubi Digital platform – and it will be directly converted into the desired amount of DUO.

Anubi Digital takes care of the entire technical process of converting and depositing into Uniswap’s liquidity pools, for the maximum simplicity and ease of use. Similarly, Anubi Digital collects the fees produced by Uniswap on a monthly basis so that each user can choose to automatically re-add them to their position (auto-compounding), gradually increasing their amount of DUO over time.

Any other competitive advantages?

DUO is sustainable over time, as remuneration is based on the continuous flow of fees paid to Uniswap for its service. It is also liquid, because it allows participants to withdraw their assets with ease. The inserted liquidity never leaves the exchange’s smart contract – unlike the undercollateralised uses prevalent in the crypto world today.

The new service is unleveraged, and therefore not exposed to liquidation events. It is based on the AMM (Automated Market Making) paradigm, which is now fully understood and is based on simple and transparent smart contracts.

These key attributes are even more important in light of the events that have impacted the crypto industry in recent months, highlighting the risks of illiquid, undercollateralized models with high levels of leverage and debt. In this context, Liquidity Provision proved resilient despite the market volatility and continued to operate as expected.

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