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Argentex: strong earnings growth and no debt for this AIM stock


In this article I’ll be taking a look at Argentex Group LON:AGFX, an AIM listed international provider of foreign exchange services.

Argentex Group: the technical view

From a technical perspective, there are four major observations.

Firstly, there has been a strong respect for a major support level, indicating interest and potential price stability at that level.

Secondly, a double bottom pattern has formed, which is a bullish reversal pattern. This pattern typically indicates a potential trend reversal from a downtrend to an uptrend. It suggests that the price has found support at a certain level twice, and subsequent buying pressure may lead to an upward move.

Additionally, there has been a rejection of the 50% fibonacci retracement level. Fibonacci retracement levels are commonly used to identify potential levels of support and resistance. The rejection of the 0.50% retracement level suggests that there is significant buying interest at this point, reinforcing its importance as a support level.

Furthermore, the price has also experienced a rejection at the 200-day moving average (200MA). The 200-MA is a widely followed technical indicator used to gauge the long-term trend of a security. The rejection at this level indicates potential selling pressure or resistance, which may result in a reversal or consolidation of the price.

Considering these technical factors and patterns of rejection, suggest potential bullish momentum and traders may consider these factors when making their trading decisions.

Argentex Group technical analysis chart

The Fundamental view

Argentex is showing several positive indicators. Firstly, the company’s revenue is forecasted to grow at a promising rate of 20.17% per year, suggesting potential future financial growth. Additionally, the company’s earnings have already experienced significant growth, with a 34.3% increase over the past year, indicating a positive trend in profitability.

Furthermore, Argentex stands out for being debt free, which is a strong indicator of financial stability and reduced risk. The absence of debt allows the company to allocate its resources more efficiently and potentially invest in further growth opportunities.

Lastly, Argentex is currently profitable, indicating that its operations are generating positive returns. This financial strength provides a solid foundation for the company’s growth prospects and potential for generating shareholder value.

Overall, Argentex demonstrates positive factors including forecasted growth, strong earnings growth, a debt free status, and current profitability. These factors contribute to a favourable outlook for the company and may attract investors seeking opportunities with strong financial performance and growth potential.

Piers Etson is a trading coach with Bullseye Academy which delivers comprehensive and accredited education programmes with a focus on Finance, Investments, Wealth Management, and Future Planning.  Our mission: To help shape the next generation of financial professionals through innovation, expertise, and an unwavering determination in delivering success. To learn more visit the website.

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