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Black Friday sales heap pressure on UK retailers


It seems that Black Friday was a bit of a mixed bag in the States and pretty much negative over here in the UK.

Over in the US, store traffic fell versus last year, but the good news was that sales to lower income customers appears to be on the rise as wage increases start to take effect.

Meanwhile, in the UK, early data suggests that the Black Friday weekend was not great and the poor performance of physical stores was not mitigated by online performance.

Figures from Barclaycard showed that, on Friday, the number of transactions increased by 10%, but the transaction value actually fell by 12%.

The situation remains tense in the run-up to Christmas but it’s not looking great in the UK.

Having said that, pretty much EVERYONE is now expecting rubbish performance from the high street, so anyone who manages to buck that trend will no doubt enjoy a share price spike when they publish numbers.

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