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Bridgewise to launch AI-powered ESG analysis tool kit


Artificial intelligence and ESG: two of the big drivers in the investment world today. It comes as no surprise therefore to see The Armchair Trader’s data partner Bridgewise unveiling new AI-powered capabilities in the world of stock analysis.

Bridgewise has recently been nominated for the Fintech Global ESGFinTech100, recognising the most innovative ESG-centric companies. The tech firm already provides investors, banks and stock exchanges with AI-curated data and analysis of most globally listed stocks.

“In today’s social conscious world, investors are becoming increasingly focused on investing in companies that care about the environment and communities they serve,” the company said. “Investors want to know that the companies they invest on align with their personal values and comply with the growing regulatory requirements. Finding these opportunities can be extremely challenging.”

With many investors already implementing numerous different types of stock screens and data sets in an effort to build more ESG friendly portfolios, AI can provide a massive step up in terms of its ability to generate effect screening of stocks based on publicly reported data.

Sifting through thousands of potential investments to find ones that align with an investor’s ESG goals or other compliance mandates can be extremely time consuming and tedious. For this reason, Bridgewise has developed and launched a new plug-in tool that provides easy-to-understand analysis and insights into a company’s ESG performance.

Bridgewise said this enhancement aims to give analysts, advisors, and retail platform investors the tools they need to make informed decisions efficiently.

Small investors can subscribe to Bridgewise data through The Armchair Trader’s data portal, and get access to our Armchair Trader Plus coverage at the same time.

A company’s ESG performance can be difficult to gauge

ESG performance can be difficult to gauge as companies may have conflicting or incomplete data. The Bridgewise AI technology leverages ESG data from a wide range of sources and consolidates it into a single, comprehensive rating. This helps to avoid discrepancies and gives a consistent metric that can be easily compared to other similar companies.

Bridgewise uses a powerful proprietary language model that converts complex ESG jargon and information into simple-to-understand insights and recommendations. This provides all investors and professionals, regardless of their level of financial expertise, the ability to make smart ESG investment choices.

Companies are constantly changing and adapting their ESG initiatives and strategies to align with the latest market trends and compliance guidelines. The Bridgewise AI-powered ESG analysis provides analysts and advisors with the latest information helping them to shield their investment strategies from potential risks and identify future opportunities.

The ESG analysis platform is designed to be seamlessly integrated into an investor’s existing tools and process, so you don’t have to make complex changes to your data management infrastructure or juggle multiple technology platforms to conduct equity research.

The Bridgewise platform provides analysis and insights on over 16,000 stocks worldwide. Like the company’s other analysis tools, the ESG analysis toolkit delivers insights in an investor’s local language. This not only helps investors better understand the information they are receiving but also provides a wider range of global investment options.

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