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BridgeWise to launch broader range of AI-driven stock recommendations this month


The Armchair Trader’s stock data partner BridgeWise has announced that a significant product update is on its way: The Upgraded Recommendation Scale, coming on August 19th, 2023.

BridgeWise is a specialist in AI-generated stock market data analysis, which is used by a range of financial markets participants, including banks, brokers and stock exchanges in several countries. BridgeWise data is also available to subscribers to The Armchair Trader’s Data service.

Starting from August 19th, the recommendation scale from AI stock analysis platform BridgeWise will undergo a transformation. Users of the AI data will now have access to a broader set of recommendations that reflects each stock’s return compared to the market. The upgraded scale will comprise five ranks.

Armchair Trader readers are able to access BridgeWise analytics via a data subscription on our site. We currently offer BridgeWise analysis on almost all UK, Canadian and US stocks, plus also now some European large caps. The first 500 readers to sign up for BridgeWise data on our site can still benefit from the special offer launch price.

With the upgraded scale, BridgeWise is aiming to ensure that its recommendations precisely reflect each stock’s performance relative to its market, empowering traders with even more insightful investment guidance.

The current ranking is divided into four groups, with a normal percentage distribution centered around current Hold and Underperform recommendations.

The new distribution, to be rolled out later this month, provides a more precise ranking breakdown: the Buy recommendation constitutes 10%, the Outperform ranking constitutes 20%, the Hold recommendation constitutes 40%, and the previous Underperform recommendation has been split into two categories – Underperform, which now constitutes 20%, and Sell, which constitutes 10%.

Here’s the meaning behind each percentage:

Buy | 10%: Based on the fundamental analysis, the stock is attractive, and BridgeWise expects it to outperform its industry peer group.

Outperform | 20%: Based on the fundamental analysis, the stock is attractive, and BridgeWise expects it to outperform its industry peer group with a lower level of conviction than stocks rated as “Buy.”

Hold | 40%: The stock’s fundamental analysis did not show a high likelihood of outperforming its industry peer group.

Underperform | Based on the fundamental analysis, the stock is less attractive compared to other opportunities in the industry peer group, and BridgeWise sees a low likelihood of the stock outperforming it.

Sell | 10%: Based on the fundamental analysis, the stock is less attractive, and BridgeWise expects it to underperform its industry peer group.

How is this going to impact your experience?

The enhanced recommendation scale not only provides you with more accurate insights into each stock’s performance but also facilitates a smoother transition between recommendations.

BridgeWise and The Armchair Trader are committed to making your journey as seamless and informed as possible. With this update, data subscribers can expect more intuitive and empowering insights that enable you to make well-informed choices confidently.

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This article does not constitute investment advice. Make sure you do your own research or consult a professional advisor.

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