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Zefiro Methane confirms presale of carbon offsets to EDF Trading


Zefiro Methane Corp [Cboe Canada: ZEFI / Frankfurt: Y6B] yesterday confirmed the presale of a portion of its carbon offset portfolio to EDF Trading, a leading player in the international wholesale energy market.

EDF Trading is part of EDF Group, a global leader in low-carbon energies. Zefiro has expanded its efforts to seal potentially hazardous oil and gas wells and these credits, verified by certified third-party auditors, will be generated from this initiative.

Zefiro is an environmental services company that specialises in methane abatement. The company is aiming to be a key commercial force towards Active Sustainability. Leveraging decades of operational expertise, Zefiro is building a new toolkit to clean up air, land, and water sources directly impacted by methane leaks.

Zefiro Methane has built a fully integrated ground operation driven by an innovative monetization solution for the emerging methane abatement marketplace. As an originator of high-quality U.S.-based methane offsets, Zefiro plans to generate long-term economic, environmental, and social returns for society.

Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Why the EDF Trading deal is important for Zefiro

The agreement further establishes Zefiro as a leader in carbon offsets generated by methane abatement, which had its value and efficacy certified by a 2023 American Carbon Registry report .

Industry experts currently estimate that there is a great number of abandoned oil and gas wells spread throughout 26 different American states and these sites can potentially leak toxic methane gas 28 times more hazardous than carbon dioxide emissions, diminish air quality, and irreparably harm critical land and drinking water resources.

“For over two years, our team has strived to position Zefiro at the vanguard of the carbon offset marketplace from the reduction of methane,” said Talal Debs, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Zefiro Methane Corp. “Our emphasis on quality has helped define this rapidly evolving sector, and we are proud to have taken this latest step forward with a firm that has long operated at the leading-edge of the energy commodities space.”

EDF Trading manages a portfolio of assets which give it the ability to source, supply, transport, store, blend and convert physical commodities around the world. These capabilities enable EDF Trading to deliver essential asset optimization services, risk management and wholesale market access to the EDF Group and its third-party customers, helping them to realize the value inherent in their asset portfolios.

“While carbon dioxide is the more widely recognized threat, methane emissions are responsible for a great portion of global warming today,” said Dr. Thomas Schroder, Head of Environmental Products at EDF Trading. “Sealing abandoned gas and oil wells is a very obvious solution to address this challenge and gives us an opportunity to offer high-quality carbon offsets from methane reduction.”

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