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Is this the cheapest gold ETF on the market?


GraniteShares has been making waves in New York with its new approach low-cost ETF investments. The company has gone a step further with the launch of its GraniteShares GoldTrust (NYSE Arca: BAR). The ETF went live on 29 August and, claims GraniteShares, it has the lowest expense ratio of all gold ETFs in the marketplace, at 20 basis points, making it the cheapest Gold ETF on the market.

The fund was brought to the market by commodities expert Will Rhind, also the founder and CEO of GraniteShares. It is half the price of GLD of which Rhind was the former CEO.

“This is gold. All my life I’ve been in love with its colour, its brilliance, its divine heaviness,” says Rhind. “GraniteShares is giving investors the opportunity to own solid gold bars via the ETF at a price of 20 basis points. By offering BAR at 50% less than GLD, we’re looking to turn every suitable investor into a gold digger.”

BAR is the third fund in the GraniteShares product suite. The company has already listed Bloomberg Commodity Broad Strategy No K-1 ETF (COMB) and its S&P GSCI Commodity Bond Strategy No K1-ETF (COMG). Both ETFs were launched in May of this year and are also among some of the cheapest commodity funds on the US market.

GraniteShares is working with BNY Mellon, one of the bigest custody banks in the world, and ICBC Standard Bank, owner of one of the largest vaults in Europe, to offer cutting edge custody and vaulting solutions for investors.

GLD-SPDR Gold Shares is an exchange-traded trust. Its investment objective is to reflect the performance of gold bullion as closely as possible. Its fee was recently listed at 40 basis points.

The launch of BAR comes at an auspicious time, as political uncertainty in Asia is driving the gold price upwards, and at the same time the ETF industry seems to be engaged in a price war, with several providers slashing fees on ETFs, particularly in the equity market.

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