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      Interesting news on Friday that palladium is already overtaking gold as the world’s most precious metal. Palladium’s dynamics are a bit different from gold however – it is an industrial metal and used in catalytic converters. Worries about the US-China trade dispute are causing some manufacturers to stockpile palladium while others may start turning to platinum, simply because palladium is now so expensive.

      If you are wanting to go long the palladium price, one possible way to get exposure is through an ETF like Aberdeen Standard Physical Platinum Shares (PALL). This seems to be THE popular palladium ETF with over $1160m AuM and is an easy way to get exposure to the market if you don’t want to use CFDs. It’s US-listed so you will have some USD currency exposure, but that is no bad thing if you are a GBP investor right now.

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      Michael Morton

      Just revisiting this post Stuart. The Palladium price was £959.120 at close of play on 10th December 2018. It’s now sitting around the £2,000 mark today. An unbelievable return over the period.

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