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      Michael Morton

      This topic is focused on companies listed on either the FTSE 100 or FTSE 250. If you have an opinion on a stock that you feel should be included in here, either for it’s current performance, income generation (dividends) or future growth potential, feel free to share it alongside your reasons for its inclusion.

      We welcome debate on the merits of each stock included but we ask that you provide sound reasoning to go alongside your opinion.

      Let’s put together a useful guide that new and inexperienced investors may use to help them make their investment choices.

      Bear in mind, all opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily endorsed by The Armchair Trader.

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      Michael Morton

      I’m going to get the ball rolling with FTSE 100 stalwart, AstraZeneca. The pharmaceutical giant has enjoyed a 23% increase in its share price over the last 12 months, significantly managing to buck the downward trend of the troubled FTSE 100 since October. The pharmaceutical sector can be seen as a defensive choice with less reliance on a growing economy to perform, which may leave it well placed to avoid significant damage in any downturn. With a handsome 3.29% dividend yield, this stock isn’t likely to pull up any trees but could be a useful long term addition.

      That’s my view. If you agree or disagree, feel free to hit the reply button above and post your thoughts.

      For the sake of transparency, I should disclose that I own shares in AstraZeneca.

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      Lots of interesting movement in Just Eat this morning – up more than 5% on early trading. There are rumours of a takeover bid plus Liberum saying it should be worth twice what it is. Just Eat is trading around the 590 mark Friday lunchtime. I am tempted to buy some of this stock…

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        There is also more excitement following sale of Delivery Hero in Germany to Takeaway.com. Just Eat is active in the German market, but shareholders like Cat Rock (IIRC) have been pushing for it to divest itself of some of its overseas businesses. They are obviously hoping that it will sell to Takeaway.com…

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      Michael Morton

      Hargreaves Lansdown have published their annual five shares to watch this year. On the list for 2019 are the following FTSE 350 companies

      • Intertek,
      • GVC,
      • Primary Health Properties,
      • Unilever

      You can read about why they chose these stocks on their website.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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