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    Matt Vann

    New month, new thread, new desktop layout for the month following a few weeks of experimentation having switched brokers.

    Yesterdays’ USDJPY trade continues to humiliate me by just not stopping, trading at 111.900 as I type, 120 points from my entry, but hey, it was a winner anyway so if I left profits on the table (a hell of a lot of them lol), then there’s always another trade to take.

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    Graeme Andrew

    No energy crystals or dreamcatcher hanging up I see, Matt…

    Bit off-topic, but from the perspective of a beginner trader who provides the best free, demo trading account in your opinion?

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    Matt Vann

    Given the desktop and mobile solution they provide, I would probably say it’s IG.com. Generally not suitable for daytrading in my experience, but for swing trading/longer trades (1 day +) they’re OK as the spreads make it less problematic. However, I only say that (they’re the best) because I like their platform. I’d suggest signing up for a few and test drive the platforms on both mobile and desktop and see which one works best for you.






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    Matt Vann

    Well, we’re back to another week of trading and it’s been a fruitful morning by 0845, which is always nice.

    Promising short on EURUSD this morning, taken from support/resistance switch/failure, however you want to view it, with a short from 1.13570 and aiming for what I believed was going to be additional support at 1.13370. There was likely support around 1.1344 which we also ran into, so I took off half at that point and let the rest run to it’s target, which was met a few minutes ago.

    Here’s the view on M15 and M5 charts.

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    Matt Vann

    Couple of trades on EURUSD today, one long and a short.

    The long first was this morning, I fancied a quick 20-point run from 1.13260 up to 1.13420 – which I didn’t get. Resistance came in at 1.13360 – which I expected, but thought it’d get fought off – and I wasn’t quick enough nor sure enough to liquidate the position and take my +10, so eventually it slid back and I closed it for +1 after a little slippage, see below.

    Then I went to the gym, came back and fired up the charts again and took a longer term view, because it was up and down like a whores’ drawers by this point. But, the 15m chart gave me hope in the form of a pattern, and a I rarely trade patterns but in my experience, the longer term the pattern, the more reliable.

    So I went short at 1.13310, aiming for 1.13100, near the lows. It took a while, but it panned out just right in the end and I was filled at 1.13090, a point below my limit exit but giving me back the point slippage from this mornings long. So, it’s all good.

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