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      Michael Morton

      This topic has been created for investors wishing to ask questions in relation to our ‘State of Uranium’ webinar held Thursday July 9th. Your question can be for any of our panelists.

      Global climate change requires greater steps to reduce carbon emissions and the electrification of things increases.  Nuclear power is a zero carbon source and provides 10% of the world’s electricity. To meet climate and carbon targets, nuclear power could become even bigger. We believe there is a positive uranium price outlook from recent historical lows and investment opportunities

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      Hi the armchair trader,
      Great talks from all the panelist. I would like to ask Mr. Randolph Bell:
      What the measures to manage the nuclear waste in a safe manner? Can you please expand the details too.
      Thank you,

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      What market share of stored yellow cake does YCA currently hold?

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      Brian Fudge

      Hi Nick,
      Thank you for attending the webinar today and for your question.
      We have emailed your question to Andre Liebenberg, who will reply shortly.
      Kind regards,

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      Brian Fudge

      Hi Ashwene,
      Thank you for attending the webinar today and for your question.
      We have emailed your question to Randy Bell, who will reply shortly.
      Kind regards,

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      Andre Liebebberg

      Hi Nick, thanks for your question. We like to think of our inventory in the context of annual reactor consumption or annual production. We currently hold 9.3mlbs of uranium against annual reactor consumption of around 170mbls and annual production in 2019 of 140mlbs. Global inventories are large. China for example holds around 350mlbs of inventory against current consumption of around 20mlbs. But their consumption is likely to treble by 2035. So around 5-6years of inventory would not be unusual.

      The Japanese traditionally held around 5 years of inventory. Due to its energy intensity, uranium is easy to store and 5 years inventory doesn’t take up much space. I once heard a stat that the global annual production of uranium would fill one cape size coal ship.
      Hope this helps!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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