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The TSX Venture Exchange comprises emerging Canadian companies.

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K.B. Recycling IndustriesAKMYMaterials
K2 GoldKTOMaterials
K9 GoldKNCMaterials
Kadestone CapitalKDSXReal Estate
Kainantu ResourcesKRLMaterials
Kaizen CapitalKZN.PFinancials
Kaizen DiscoveryKZDMaterials
Kalo GoldKALOMaterials
Kalon AcquisitionKAC.PFinancials
KAM CapitalKMC.PFinancials
Kanzen CapitalKAN.PFinancials
Kapa CapitalKAPA.PFinancials
KAPA GoldKAPAMaterials
Karel CapitalKRL.PFinancials
Katipult TechnologyFUNDInformation Technology
KCC CapitalKIC.HFinancials
KDAKDAHealth Care
Kelly VenturesKKL.PFinancials
Kenadyr MetalsKENMaterials
Kenadyr MetalsKENMaterials
Kenna ResourcesKNAMaterials
Kenorland MineralsKLDMaterials
Kensington Court VenturesKCTFinancials
Keon CapitalKEON.HMaterials
Kepler AcquisitionKEP.PFinancials
Kermode CapitalKER.PFinancials
Kermode ResourcesKLMMaterials
Kesselrun ResourcesKESMaterials
Kestrel GoldKGCMaterials
KGL ResourcesKGL.HMaterials
Khiron Life SciencesKHRNHealth Care
KiaroKOConsumer Discretionary
Kiboko GoldKIBMaterials
Kierland CapitalKLD.PFinancials
Kingfisher MetalsKFRMaterials
Kingman MineralsKGSMaterials
Kingsland EnergyKLE.HEnergy
Kingsmill Capital VenturesKCV.PFinancials
Kingsmill Capital Ventures IIKII.PFinancials
Kingsway Arms Retirement ResidencesKWA.PHealth Care
Kintavar ExplorationKTRMaterials
Kismet VenturesMBRMaterials
Kitrinor MetalsKITMaterials
Klimat X DevelopmentsKLXIndustrials
Klinik Health VenturesNPTHFinancials
Klinik Health VenturesNPTHFinancials
Klondike SilverKSMaterials
Knowlton CapitalKCI.PFinancials
Knowlton CapitalKWC.HCommunication Services
Kootenay SilverKTNMaterials
KORE MiningKOREMaterials
Kovo HealthTechKOVOHealth Care
KP3993 ResourcesKPEN.PFinancials
KR InvestmentKR.HEnergy
Kraken RoboticsPNGInformation Technology
Kramer CapitalKRM.HFinancials
Kristina CapitalKCAEnergy
Kua InvestmentsKUAI.PFinancials
KWESST Micro SystemsKWEIndustrials
Kwesst Micro SystemsFMV.PIndustrials

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