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deVere Group launches cryptocurrency app


One of the largest financial advisor organisations in the world is in the process of launching a cryptocurrency app. This is in response to soaring global demand for cryptocurrencies, says deVere Group. The firm said the app would be available “in a matter of weeks.”

“Nothing has captured the imagination in this new fintech age quite like cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin,” says Nigel Green, founder and CEO of of deVere Group. “No one was really talking about it back in 2016. But those who invested in Bitcoin before the beginning of last year have enjoyed an impressive price increase.”

Called deVere Crypto, the new app will be made available on both the Apple and Android stores. It will allow users to store, transfer and exchange five major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The app has been developed by a team of blockchain specialists and fintech experts.

“Our digital world needs digital currencies,” Green explained. “It makes sense.”

DeVere Group founder says cryptocurrencies are here to stay

He says the world has changed fundamentally to become more suited to the rise of digital currencies like Bitcoin. This includes the rapid adoption of technology in our day to day lives and political shifts that have created a huge appetite for currencies that are not controlled by central banks and governments. Many fans of digital currencies see them as the antidote to a corrupt financial system that has caused many of the economic ills that have afflicted the world since 2008.

Another factor is globalisation, with higher levels of interconnectivity between countries and economies.

“We’re all becoming increasingly interdependent and internationally-minded, and this, when harnessed properly, is an immensely positive force for trade, commerce and prosperity around the world,” adds Green.

DeVere is one of the world’s biggest groups of independent financial advisers, providing specialist financial solutions to over 80,000 clients globally. Recognition from established networks such as this is a major fillip to Bticoin and Ethereum, as they work with traditional investors and wealthy families around the world.

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