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European structured products turnover reported down 10% on the year


Turnover in investment and leverage products reporting on European financial markets was down 1% quarter on quarter and 10% year on year in the third quarter of 2022, bringing the total to EUR 31 billion. This is according to the European Structured Investment Products Association (EUSIPA) and its members with further analysis provided by Avaloq Evolution AG.

Third-quarter turnover in investment products on European trading venues amounted to EUR 8 billion, 25% of total traded volume. Investment product turnover decreased by 16% quarter on quarter and by 39% year on year. Turnover in leverage products (warrants, knock-out warrants, and constant leverage certificates) reached EUR 23 billion in the period from July to September, representing 75% of total turnover. Turnover in leverage products increased by 6% year on year and by 4% from Q2 2022.

At the end of September, trading venues located in reporting EUSIPA markets were offering 414,250 investment products and 1,641,658 leverage products. As such, the number of listed products increased by 3% on a quarterly basis and by 14% on the previous year.

Banks issued 1,695,647 new investment and leverage products in the third quarter of 2022, down 1% on the previous quarter and up 35% annually. In total, 130,895 new investment products were launched, accounting for 8% of new issues; the 1,564,752 new leverage products represent 92% of the total. There were 10% more investment products launched than in the same quarter of 2021. On the leverage products side, issuance increased by 37% on an annual basis.

For Austria, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, the market volume of investment and leverage products issued as securities decreased by 3% year on year and by 6% from the previous quarter to a total of EUR 289 billion.

At the end of September, the market volume of investment products stood at EUR 280 billion – down 6% quarter on quarter and 3% year on year.

The outstanding volume of leverage products totalled EUR 9 billion at the end of September. This represents a 13% decrease on a year-on-year basis.

The members of EUSIPA who provide the figures for the market report include Zertifikate Forum Austria (ZFA), the Belgian Structured Investment Products Association (BELSIPA), Association Française des Produits Dérivés de Bourse (AFPDB), Deutscher Derivate Verband (DDV), Associazione Italiana Certificati e Prodotti di Investimento (ACEPI), the Netherlands Structured Investment Products Association (NEDSIPA), the Swedish Exchange Traded Investment Products Association (SETIPA), the Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA), and the Luxembourg Structured Investment Products Association (LUXSIPA).

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