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Lloyds Bank share discussion
  • Stuart Fieldhouse

    Right, we’ve had a look at Lloyds Bank shares on the site today, with some help from our friends at Credit Suisse. We’re expecting a lot of chatter surrounding this stock in coming weeks as a BIG court case is brought against some of the decision makers in the HBOS acquisition. But Credit Suisse would have us focus our minds on the future, not the past, and look at the likely positive impact on Lloyds bank shares of a soft Brexit. The tabloids may disagree, but CS thinks the UK – and the EU – will come to their senses, and Lloyds shares will be the better for it…

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    Stuart Fieldhouse

    Bit of a shock earlier in the day but now trading at 67.48. Lloyds Bank shares are up on our last article last week. Close to the 30 day high.

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