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Google vs Huawei and pork-substitute company Right Treat


Google vs Huawei

Google has just announced a suspension of deliveries of software and technical services to Huawei, following on from Washington’s decision last week to only let US companies do business with Huawei if they have specific government permission.

Huawei is the world’s second biggest smartphone maker after Samsung and relies on Google’s Android operating system for its phones.

This will mean that Huawei won’t be able to access proprietary apps and services from Google although its Google Play store and protections from Google Play Protect will continue.

This has got Trump’s fingerprints all over it as the US-China negotiations continue and I would be willing to bet that China will come back with tricks of its own to retaliate.

Pork-substitute company Right Treat

The other thing I wanted to talk about today was a Hong Kong company called Right Treat, which makes pork mince substitute.

It’s product is called “Omnipork” and is made from a mixture of pea, soy and mushroom proteins and was launched in Hong Kong restaurants in April last year.

Given that pork is by far the most consumed meat in the world – and is particularly popular in Asia – it seems that Right Treat has timed its launch later this year into China to perfection given the current African swine fever outbreak and consequent meat price rises.

It is already being sold in Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan and the founder is hoping to emulate the success of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.

I am a big fan of meat substitutes and this looks like it could be a winner if cooks in China can get their heads around it!

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