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Trio of new portfolio funds to be launched by Hargreaves Lansdown


Three new ready-made portfolio funds are being launched by Hargreaves Lansdown. The launch follows the success of the HL US Fund, which currently has a value of £745 million.

The new funds offer a simple range of options, which are aligned to a chosen level of risk. They will offer an easy solution for those who are unsure how to start investing. The portfolios are comprised of HL Building Blocks Funds and third-party funds. All are ESG integrated.

The new funds follow the launch of the HL US Fund. They are part of what Hargreaves Lansdown is calling its new strategy, which aims to expand and improve the range of investment options it provides to clients at all stages of their investment journey, from beginners to highly experienced investors.

Ready-made managed portfolios

The new HL funds are all ready-made managed portfolios that spread money across a range of global equities and bonds. They are funds of funds which are a mixture of third-party funds, ETFs and HL Building Block funds. They are all standalone investments with varying levels of risk to suit different needs and requirements.

The funds are called HL Adventurous Managed, HL Moderately Adventurous Managed and HL Balanced Managed. The higher-risk portfolios will typically be weighted more towards equities, and the lower-risk funds more towards bonds.

Reasons to invest in a ready-made portfolio

  • Straightforward – simply choose from 3 portfolios, whichever best matches investors’ needs
  • Managed by experts – let investment experts make investment decisions on your behalf
  • Instant diversification – you’ll get exposure to a range of investment styles and approaches
  • Clarity – see exactly how your investment is performing, online or via the HL app 24/7

“HL’s new ready-made investment portfolios are for those looking to invest but unsure where to start,” said David Smith, senior fund manager, Hargreaves Lansdown. “Investors can relax in the knowledge that our specialists will manage the day-to-day investment decisions. They will look to maximise returns according to the level of risk chosen. HL actively manage the portfolio, and the managers will combine funds, using asset allocation techniques, to blend asset classes for diversification.”

More about the funds

  • The funds will start trading on 8 March 2023
  • There’s a £1 per unit fixed offer launch price until 23:59 on 7 March
  • Minimum investment: lump sum of £100 or £25 by Direct DebitMarket OCF of between 0.92% and 0.99% (depending on the fund chosen), plus HL platform fee of up to 0.45%

HL Fund Managers

Ziad Gergi

Gergi came to Hargreaves Lansdown last year from Barclays Wealth where he was the Head of Multi-Asset Portfolio Managers. He is jointly responsible for managing the HL Multi-Manager Balanced Managed Trust, the HL Multi-Manager Equity & Bond Trust and the HL Multi-Manager Special Situations Trust. He started his investment career in 2005 when he joined Barclays as an equity portfolio manager and sector analyst in Paris. He moved to Barclays’ London office in 2011 to join Barclays Wealth’s multi-manager team covering various equity markets and managing the firm’s mixed assets funds.

David Smith

Smith joined HL in February 2008 from Citywire, where he was a founder member of the award-winning editorial team, and later became head of investment analysis. Prior to that he was a journalist at FT Investment Adviser in the 1990s. Smith has been co-manager of the HL Multi-Manager Equity & Bond & HL Multi-Manager Balanced Managed Trusts since 2008. He has been co-manager of the HL MM Strategic Bond Trust since its launch in February 2009 and the HL MM Strategic Assets fund since its launch in February 2016. He previously co-managed the HL MM Asia & Emerging Markets Fund from its launch in April 2015, and became co-manager of HL MM Special Situations on in November 2022.

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