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HempFusion’s products selected for ground breaking Mount Sinai CBD cardiology study


We’ve been tracking the progress of CBD and hemp products specialist HempFusion (TSX:CBD.U/US:CBDHF/FWB:800) since the company’s Canadian listing in January and it does seem to be benefiting from the surge in investor interest in companies with CBD exposure.

As we have said before, this is a mature CBD play having already established itself as a manufacturer and distributor of hemp-based wellness products in the US.

HempFusion was listed 6 January and shares are now up over 65% since the stock went public six weeks ago.

Available as over the counter medicine in the US

One of the other things we like about it is the fact that its products are available over the counter in US chemists. It is getting that vital traction with the medical profession. We have already talked about HempFusion’s development of products for treatment of stress and sleeplessness, but it has now gone one step further.

This week the prestigious Mount Sinai Hospital in New York announced that it has selected HempFusion to be its exclusive brand and sole supplier for a six month clinical trial being conducted by board-certified cardiologist and clinical psychologist Dr David Harnick. He is the assistant professor of medicine and cardiology at Mount Sinai and will be conducting research into the effect of CBD on the human body and its possible use as a cardiology medicine.

“Studying the potential effects that CBD may have on cardiology markers may potentially unlock some of the scientific mysteries that exist today,” Harnick explained. “We know that there is evidence that CBD may have beneficial effects on the body, but the exact scope of those effects remains to be determined. There have been no published randomized prospective controlled trials evaluating the effects of CBD on these cardiac markers, so this research may prove to be ground-breaking.”

HempFusion is also taking part in another study looking at issues around the liver and male reproductive system. In response to the FDA’s request for science-based data to help determine the regulatory pathways for hemp-derived CBD products, this industry-wide study measures CBD’s effects on the liver among healthy adults, with results expected in the coming weeks from the year of planning and execution related to what many are considering the largest human observational liver and male reproductive toxicology studies done to date.

Unique DNA-verified hemp extract

One of the reasons that HempFusion products – the same as those already available to the public in the US – are being picked for these landmark medical studies, is because the company uses DNA verified industrial hemp that delivers not only CBD, but a wide array of cannabinoids in the ratio that is closer to that found in nature’s true superfood: hemp.

HempFusion uses a proprietary EU commission registered, DNA verified, hemp extract is unique in the market because it contains a wider array of the compounds found in the hemp plant—compounds that many other companies remove during processing.

The company’s pioneering CEO Jason Mitchell strongly believes that CBD is going to be play a bigger role in developed world medical treatment going forward. This is not just rhetoric: the very fact that HempFusion is being picked for landmark medical studies shows that its solutions are being taken very seriously.

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