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Revolutionary carbon-offsetting and carbon credits trading platform is ending its highly successful token presale early, on 11th December. Green investors have turned up in their droves to snap up the IMPT token. As a consequence nearly $13.5 million has been raised to build out the project. Investors can claim tokens from 12th December. has announced that investors in the IMPT token will be able to claim them from the 12th December. To do so, investors simply connect the wallet used to buy the tokens in the first place and then make their claim. The tokens will instantly appear in the investor’s wallet.

Trading begins on 14th December

Trading will begin from the 14th December on the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap.

IMPT is an ERC-20 token, which means it is compliant with the Ethereum blockchain, which is already home to hundreds of top-quality tokens. Soon after its DEX launch, centralized exchanges LBank and Changelly Pro will list IMPT. Prospective buyers who don’t have ETH, can buy using a card securely on the IMPT site, and then make their IMPT token purchase.

In the first stage of the presale IMPT was priced at $0.018. In the current second stage the token is priced at $0.023. Also called the Impact Project, it has been gathering attention on social media. As of yesterday it was reported to have raised $13m out of a $25m target. It is entirely possible that it could sell out before 11 December.

When public trading begins it is expected to be robust because of the uniqueness of the product offering and how it taps into ESG – environmental, social and governance themes.

The launch is being eagerly awaited. The project has been signing up hundreds of retailers to join its affiliate shopping program, which allows consumers and businesses to acquire carbon credits to offset their footprint.

IMPT aims to partner with 10,000 retailers by launch time

Retailers already onboard include e-commerce giant Amazon, well known tech names such as Samsung and Microsoft, fashion outlets River Island and Harry Brown, plus latest joiners, Tripadvisor, Dyson, AEG, not to mention Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Dominos, Lego and many more. When consumers shop using the IMPT web widget or mobile app, their chosen participating retailer will donate a portion of the purchase amount to a vetted green project.

IMPT claims it will provide the easiest way for consumers and businesses to make a meaningful impact on slowing climate change and offsetting carbon footprints. It is also introducing the first global scoring system so that each organization and consumer can gauge how well they are doing in offsetting their carbon.

Alongside the widget and app, the platform includes a marketplace where consumers and businesses can retire their carbon credit by easily ‘burning’ it on the blockchain. The token is sent to an address that removes it from circulation and by enabling trading of the carbon credit. Those who retire their credits receive in return a unique collectible NFT designed by a recognized artist that is also tradable.

Carbon credits that are not retired can be held as an investment or traded – all on the IMPT marketplace.

Another crucial advantage of the IMPT system is that it tracks the provenance of each credit. This use of blockchain technology’s transparency properties holds out the prospect of bringing to an end the confusion, and sometimes outright fraud, that has been a problem in the carbon trading markets. Double-selling and overcounting of carbon credits could potentially become a thing of the past if the IMPT system is adopted globally.

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