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app-based stockbrokers dabbl review the weekend press and provide their take on some of the biggest stories set to impact the self-directed investor. 

What inflation means for your investments

The Sunday Times offers an apt piece on the do’s and don’ts of inflation investing, which runs through the key asset classes and looks at how each will perform in times of rising prices. It’s a useful guide but it also contains the sobering reminder that when we do invest, before wanting to grow our money, we have to ensure that the purchasing power of those funds isn’t being eroded. Right now that means your portfolio has to grow by 4.2% a year – after any fees are taken – just to stand still. The article offers tips on which shares are more likely to flounder in a high inflation environment too, but as always it pays to make sure those transaction costs are kept as low as possible, too. Read the full article 

Green is no guarantee of success

Saturday’s edition of The Times runs an opinion column by Deidre Cooper, co-portfolio manager at the Ninety One Global Environment Fund. She discusses the approach that her firm takes when selecting which stocks to back, noting that the transition to net zero is still in its earliest days and as such holds some fantastic investment potential. However perhaps the single most compelling line in the article is that much like during the ‘dot com’ bubble of more than 20 years ago, it’s not just a case of being right about the broad trend. Simply latching onto the eco trend is no guarantee of success – investors need to pick carefully. Read the full article 

Time to buy British?

We’ve looked at this theme before, but The Daily Telegraph notes that both Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are once again banging the drum over the UK stock market. By looking at forecast earnings, shares are trading at barely half of their equivalent value in the US and at around a 25% discount to European rivals. Profits are rising but the share price simply isn’t keeping pace. It’s worth bearing in mind that the banks don’t always call it right, but also illustrates that sometimes the very best opportunities might just be staring us straight in the eye. Read the full article 

Interest rate hike incoming

The Guardian looks at comments made by the recently appointed chief economist of the Bank of England that makes an interest rate hike in mid-December look like a nailed-on certainty. However, for the most part, this probably isn’t something we need to be all that wary of. The labour market is booming, driving salaries higher with it, and inflation is heading towards 5% – well above the 2% target the central bank is supposed to work towards. Yes, there will be some who lose out, but the consequent increase on borrowing costs can surely only pour at least some cold water on the raging inferno that continues to exist in the shape of the UK property market. Read the full article 

Financing green transport

A couple of media outlets including This is Money are covering a new savings account from RCI – that’s essentially the financing arm of Renault– which is offering to pay savers 0.55% interest with their money being used to support greener transport in Britain. As we’ve already mentioned, with inflation running at almost 5% the return on offer here isn’t necessarily all that attractive, but is this the start of more green financing initiatives? Read the full article 

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Please note this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors are encouraged to do their own research beforehand or consult a professional advisor.

Tony Cross

Tony Cross

Tony Cross is a market commentator with over 15 years of experience, producing compelling, insightful copy for journalists and investors alike. Focusing on macroeconomics, UK blue chip equities and inter market analysis, Cross's commentary is well regarded for its clarity and ability to cut through the waffle. He has been quoted in publications as diverse as The Financial Times, The Times, The Guardian and The Sun. He has also been a regular guest on both Share Radio and TipTV.

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