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Learn to Trade – Greg Secker – 2018 Trading Course Review


Those of you who’ve read my somewhat scathing article on Siam Kidd, here on AT may know that I’m not the biggest fan of trading courses, and for good reason. In my experience, having been in this business since 2003, they’re generally not the best and can have wannabe traders reaching for their wallets with no idea of what is happening.

Although Siam Kidd is one of the latest in a long line of ‘educators’ to grace our shores and others, he’s obviously learnt his trade from one of the old hands at this game, someone like Greg Secker.

Secker used to run a trader education business called Knowledge to Action back in the mid-2000’s up until about 2009, when there were so many negative reviews of it that he went offshore and started trying to educate Australian traders on his strategies. Clearly, whilst he now claims to have ‘educated’ over 250,000 people worldwide, he wants to come back to the UK and has reinvented himself in order to do that.

So now instead of Knowledge to Action, we have Learn to Trade. I won’t link to it here because that might do them some good, and that’s the last thing I want – but there’s a screenshot below and don’t worry, it’s the exact same business as it was years ago.

So, you may well have gotten an idea of how this post is going to go by now, but I’m going to enjoy writing it so you may as well enjoy reading it.

Yesterday, 17th April 2018, I attended Learn to Trade’s ‘free seminar’ at the Novotel in Wembley. It was due to start at 2.30pm, but by the time the trainer turned up, it was gone 3pm.

There were 11 of us, including a couple of people who I expected were complete stooges* because I kind of recognised one of them, one of them was brazenly greeted by the lacklustre meet-and-greet company types, and one or two of them were asking one too many leading and loaded questions throughout the seminar. I’m pretty sure I was sitting next to one of them*.

So, our trainer is none other than Gurdus Singh Sidhu, who is currently marketed as being a ‘trader’. Well. There’s just no way on earth this man is a trader. What he is, without any shadow of a doubt, is a salesman and, I’ll give him his due, a good one at that. He delivered what I can say without any hesitation, is the most polished, smooth and glitch-free sales pitch that I have ever seen in my life, for two hours, without any notes and barely turning to look at the slides on the screen behind him. But let there be no doubt , this man is not a trader. As long as you’ve got that, then you know he’s selling the dream and that’s all it is.

The Learn to Trade basics

First off, you *have* to use their SmartCharts software to execute any trades, because it uses a special traffic light system to highlight when to trade and when not to trade. A small point to note on this … the ‘special software’ is actually a broker front end that locks you into trading with a broker called Capital Index, a CySEC regulated broker operated by, yes, you guessed it – Greg Secker. What a coincidence!!! And what appalling spreads they offer on major currency pairs – basically double the spread that you will find at any other broker.

So anyway I was sceptical about the whole pitch. I’m not going to dress it up anymore than that. Ten minutes in I wanted to leave but had to sit there and endure nearly two hours of this for you, my reader. Yes, I took one for the team. Buy me a beer next time you see me.

So, back to the software.

This ‘professional’ trading software is “just what Gurdus’ own traders use on his trading floor in Chelsea Harbour” (as we were reminded about a million times during the well-rehearsed script), and if we do as they ask, it is really child’s play to extract £200-£500 per week from the markets. But how, you ask – how can I get such riches so simply? Why isn’t everyone taking this cash from the markets, my god it’s so simple. Let’s do it, sign me up…


Do not go to this seminar. Do not give Learn to Trade a penny of your money. I strongly suspect you will not see it again.

How to make money trading (apparently)

So I sat through two hours of this dross, listening to him drone on about how you only needed to buy when you saw this pattern (using their software), and sell when you saw this pattern, and that’s basically it. Want to know what that pattern is? Here you go.

If you see this pattern on the left, BUY THE MARKET!!!! (because it means the banks have entered the market … and not that they were in it the whole time)

If you see this pattern on the right, SELL THE MARKET!!!!

That folks, that’s literally all there is to it. Dammit!!! And … oh goodness, all these years I’ve been wasting my time considering multiple factors such as economics, news reports , interest rate rises and more when in fact, all I needed to know was this one simple pattern and that’s it, early retirement beckons.


Gurdus waffles on about how professional traders need a £24k/annum pro Bloomberg terminal to trade, you can have our software for only $4000, yadda yadda yadda. We (they) have the only trading floor in Europe that you as ‘the public’ can go and sit on and learn to trade right next to ‘real trading mentors’ who will teach you everything they know (shouldn’t take long then).

According to Gurdus, if you start ‘small’ you should earn £1000 in your first month and quickly recover the course fees (we haven’t got to that bit yet but I expect it’s fast approaching).

This of course is absolute bollocks.

Gurdus talks us through how to calculate your % of risk per trade – no more than 2% mind – which is a horrific level of risk and they only work on a 1:1 risk/reward ratio, going for 20-22 pips a day, which at the £5/point Gurdus recommends, will soon have you rolling in Bentleys and sipping Martinis from your private yacht. Yes, all these images and more were presented to make us believe this guff. Of course, the fact that you’re trading at £5/point and will quickly blow your account is irrelevant. A couple of bad trades. Never mind, put some more money into your (our) account and trade a bit more so we can take your money… hmm, did he actually say that or did I imagine it? Not sure.

Live Trading?

At one point, one of the stooges got up and executed a trade on their platform. She shorted EURAUD on a H4 (four hour) chart with a 3.6 point spread at 1.58866 around 4.20pm on 17/4/18. Whilst we were sitting there watching, the price went north to 1.58897 according to their software, but there was absolutely no mention that this trade had gone south within seconds, because Gurdus had changed screens by then and never mentioned this trade again.

So, their patented strategies are called;

  • Interbank radar trade
  • 180 profit booster trade
  • Income Wave Trade (that’s the pattern above)
  • Pip Runner
  • Tracker

Such wonderful, colourful names too. It must have taken the marketing department a whole afternoon, chortling over Martinis in Chelsea Harbour, to come up with those.

So now I’m expecting the pitch, because it’s fast approaching 5pm and Gurdus probably wants to go shopping.

And so here it is.

The Pitch

He’s been so successful he’s paid his parent’s mortgage off. We’re shown a final picture of him collecting his Bentley outside Jack Barclay. He prefers trading in the morning because then his day is completely free (what happens if these patterns don’t show up in the morning, Gurdus?). Big returns, all my family do it, so easy, really supportive … this is from the actors on screen, purporting to be people who’ve put their money into Seckers’ pocket. No names given of course.

So, it’s a 3-day course. The full cost is £6,995+VAT but wait for it … you can buy it today as part of Learn to Trade’s UK Financial Fast Track Challenge for only £1,995+VAT. And, you’ll never guess what, they’ve limited this ‘challenge’ to only 25 people in the whole country, 22 people have signed up already so there’s only three places left.

I’m not sure if it was the stooges who signed up or genuine people who have been led astray by this, but I didn’t look back to check as I walked out.

The best part of the day? I was on my motorcycle, so I managed to get back from Wembley to my home in west Cambridgeshire in just over 70 minutes. Take that, car drivers.

In Summary

I’m not sure I really need to write this bit as if you’ve got this far you’ll have a pretty good idea of where I am with it, but I’ll extend the same offer to Learn to Trade as I did to Siam Kidd some months ago (copy and paste here to save me some time)

By all means, offer me a place (for free) on one of your next paid seminars if you’re so confident, and I promise you that, as The Armchair Trader, we will write a completely impartial review of it and publish it on our site for all to see.

I have a good traceable history on the web going back as far as 2003 that anyone can check and call me out on, so I’ve nothing to hide.

I fear the same cannot be said for you because it looks to me like you’re just another sharp actor who makes his money from his courses – and not his investments or his trading. But as I said to Siam Kidd, I’d be very happy for you to prove me wrong and I’ll be your biggest advocate from thereon in. 

I’ll be waiting, but I expect I’ll die from old age first.

* Update 25 April 2018

I’ve had some contact from Alexa Chaffer, Chief Communications Officer @ LTT regarding this review, and she has asked to post a response which I’ve put below. They’ve also said that they do not place staff members in the audience, which I have referenced in the above article.

Adam Truelove, Global Head of Trading at Learn to Trade said:

We are really sorry to hear about this experience on our free forex course. We want to provide the highest quality courses and the very best in forex education, and it is clear on this occasion we have fallen short of this. We are constantly making improvements to all our courses and this has given us some good feedback to work with.

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