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Nano One signs deal with leading Brazilian niobium supplier


Nano One (TSX: NANO) (OTC-Nasdaq Intl Designation: NNOMF) (Frankfurt: LBMB), based in Vancouver, Canada has signed a deal to co-develop niobium coated battery cathode materials with CBMM, the Brazil-based global leader in the production and commercialization of niobium products and technologies.

The deal with CBMM builds on Nano’ One’s successful demonstration and patenting of various cathode materials coated with niobium.

Nano One, which has been one of our favourite stocks for over a year now, has a patented low carbon intensity process for the production of low cost, high-performance cathode materials used in lithium-ion batteries, for use in electric vehicles, energy storage, consumer electronics and next generation batteries in the global push for a zero-emission future (see video below).

The company owns proprietary technology which has major applications at many levels of battery development and production. Consequently it is developing an impressive range of global licensing partners.

The Nano One One-Pot System

The process uses a One-Pot system that eliminates extra steps and costs by forming the niobium coating simultaneously with the underlying cathode material. Niobium is a key element in the development of lithium-ion battery cathode materials, as it can be made to form a coating on the outer surface of each grain of a cathode powder.

Nano One’s lithium niobate coating is a form of non-flammable ceramic solid state electrolyte that allows lithium ions to pass through it and into the cathode material during discharge. Niobium coatings protect the cathode from dissolution or other unwanted side reactions with liquid or solid electrolytes, enhancing long-term cycling stability and the performance of the battery over time.

Nano One has shown in tests that its coated nanocrystals technology significantly increases the durability of cathode active materials in lithium-ion batteries. The ability to coat without additional steps keeps costs down and is unique to the patented Nano One process.

Nano One CTO Dr. Stephen Campbell said: “With the support and partnership of CBMM, we will build on these successes and optimize our One-Pot process for the production of niobium coated nickel rich cathode materials for demanding applications such as electric vehicles.”

CBMM has an impressive track record in niobium technology and business development, and upstream collaborations, such as this, can add to NNO’s differentiation and offer strategic value to downstream partners as Nano One progresses towards the adoption and commercial application of its technologies.

Backed by the Canadian government

Nano One is a Canadian government-backed listed battery technology play that sits firmly at the nexus of a number of major technical and environmental themes within the rapidly evolving battery technology story. It is partnering with a number of companies and institutions around the world.

Last month, Nano One reported good progress in its joint development work with an Asia-based cathode producer, whose identity has yet to be disclosed. The first two phases of the joint development program have been focused on LNMO cathode materials (lithium nickel manganese oxide) and have been successfully completed with validation by both parties. Work is now shifting to scale-up considerations, detailed economic analysis, third-party evaluation, and preliminary planning for commercialization.

The technology has attracted funding from various government programmes, and the current ‘Scaling of Advanced Battery Materials Project’ is supported by Sustainable Development Technology Canada and the Innovative Clean Energy Fund of the Province of British Columbia.

CBMM’s Executive Manager for Battery Products, Rogério Ribas, says that “CBMM is encouraged by Nano One’s ground-breaking innovations and capabilities, and we look forward to demonstrating the stability that niobium brings to high-energy lithium-ion batteries and fostering a lasting and collaborative working relationship with Nano One.”

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