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Nano One secures three new patents in China, Canada and US


Battery materials technology specialist Nano One (TSX:NANO / FRA:LBMB) has secured new patents which will help the company to protect its critical intellectual property. The patents cover both its One Pot manufacturing process and also its work in lithium nickel manganese oxide.

Nano One works with partner firms around the world, helping them to develop solutions that will assist with the development of next generation batteries and also sustainable supply chains. While the company sits at an important nexus in the entire battery manufacturing chain, it is also vital that its IP remains properly protected.

Further patents added to existing range

Nano One said a notice of allowance has been received for Canadian Patent Application 3,023,602 with issuance expected in the near future. This patent will extend the protection related to specific components of the proprietary One-Pot process developed by Nano One.

The recently issued Chinese Patent 2017100669194 joins a family of related patents already issued in the US, Canada, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. This patent extends the protection for a powder manufactured by Nano One’s patented One-Pot process.

The US Patent 11,018,331 joins a related patent issued in Taiwan to provide coverage for a novel method for phosphate stabilizing of lithium-ion battery cathodes. This is an important, low-cost durability improvement to lithium nickel manganese oxide (LNMO) cathode material, that is also known as high voltage spinel (HVS). By treating the surface of the cathode particles, the patented technology mitigates instabilities common to spinel including LNMO and enables elevated operating temperatures that are typical in electric vehicle batteries.

The award of the patents brings the total held by Nano One to 19. Nano One also confirmed that it has a further 35 patent applications currently pending with additional applications also being considered.

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Further benefits of LNMO

LNMO also delivers energy and power on par with other high-performance cathodes and is more cost effective because it is cobalt free, low in nickel and does not require excess lithium. Its three-dimensional structure keeps it from expanding, contracting and straining the battery, and enables faster rates of charge and discharge.

LNMO also has an operating voltage that is 25% higher than commercial high nickel cathodes, enabling fewer cells in applications such as power tools and electric vehicles while providing improved productivity, efficiency, thermal management and power.

Nano One’s One Pot process

The One-Pot process is applicable to a range of cathode materials including LNMO, NMC and LFP. It forms durable single crystal cathode powders and protective coatings simultaneously. Nano One’s M2CAM (Metal to Cathode Active Material technology enables these materials to be made directly from metal powders and lithium carbonate for a cleaner and sustainable battery metals supply chain.

These innovations are intended to drive down costs, energy and carbon footprint in the battery supply chain and align Nano One with the cost and environmental objectives of automotive companies, cathode producers, miners, investors, and global net-zero initiatives.

We started covering Nano One when the price of the stock was C$1.13. At the end of May it stood at C$4.48.

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