Bitcoin is one of the new generation of ‘cryptocurrencies’, a definition which includes not only Bitcoin but also ‘altcoins’, a blend of alternatives to Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin is by far the most commonly used and widely known.

How to invest in BitcoinThis Free guide has been written for investors that are interested in the Bitcoin phenomenon but have no real understanding of the cryptocurrency. This guide will explain:

  • What Bitcoins are
  • The global implications of Bitcoin
  • How you can own Bitcoins
  • How to invest in Bitcoin
  • Keeping your Bitcoins safe
  • How you can trade Bitcoins

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If you are interested in trading Bitcoin, either through Contracts for Difference, Exchange Traded Funds or in the UK as a tax-free Spread Bet, our Bitcoin product page will help you understand what drives its price and offer an insight into the volatility surrounding Cryptocurrencies.

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2nd October 2017
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