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Podcast: Chris Tubby talks about how traders can ride ill headwinds


This week, we sit down with experienced trader Chris Tubby to discuss the current state of the world of financial market trading and how early-stage investors can adapt to today’s volatile economic and financial climate.

Chris Tubby began his career in commodities, becoming a senior trader at the age of 22. Eventually moving to futures trading in the early 1980s. Chris has also traded prop, arbitrage and as a market-maker for various exchanges on a range of products.

Alongside several other ventures, Chris is currently the Senior Director for Trading and Education at SymaxFintech, a financial services company which primarily invests in fintech and digital asset management companies.

Chris’ experiences demonstrate his knowledge and expertise in the field of financial trading. The key insights he provides in this podcast will be of interest to both experienced and early-stage traders.

On the Podcast

Chris explains how his journey from becoming a senior trader at just 22 years old has led him to find a passion for teaching others how to trade. He explains that, through his teaching methods, he encourages early traders to find an asset class which suits their investment preferences, risk tolerance level and financial needs by introducing them to an array of financial instruments that can be traded successfully, including equities, commodities and options.

Chris also delves into how the financial market rally seen following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a sharp influx of new, inexperienced traders to enter the industry. The market has seen a large number of individuals from all walks of life immersing themselves in the trading community, performing extensive research on trading methods to understand how professional traders make their money. The steady decline in the value of savings stemming from currently high inflation rates has further accelerated this movement.

Since the turn of the year, however, it is likely that a large proportion of new traders have been left disappointed by their returns. Chris makes the point that the new breed of day traders should manage their expectations. He explains how many new traders are often overly keen to make money immediately, and consequently tend to miss essential trading practice prior to using real capital on their accounts. The psychological aspect of trading is also commonly neglected by early-stage traders, as there is a common misconception that day trading is a skill that can be mastered quickly.

The podcast concludes with some exclusive news that The Armchair Trader, together with Chris, will be offering introductory trading courses in the second half of 2022. The new training will be a series of one-day, one-week and four-week courses. The Armchair Trader will host sessions for both new and intermediate traders seeking to enhance their trading knowledge. Technical analysis, risk management, trading psychology are just some of the topics that will be covered by Chris.  For further information about the upcoming trading courses at The Armchair Trader with Chris Tubby, please email:

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