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Podcast: Cloudbreak Discovery update on projects and exploration for 2022


This week we catch up with Kyler Hardy, CEO of Cloudbreak Discovery (LSE:CDL), a mining project generator which listed in London last June. CEO Kyler Hardy joined us for a discussion on progress with the company.

Cloudbreak Discovery sources possible projects for further development with partner firms around the world. Its centre of gravity, as far as its portfolio is concerned, is currently North America, especially Canada. But it is starting to go further afield, as Hardy discusses on the podcast.

On the podcast we also discuss what a mining project generator does, and how it makes its money. What sets it apart from a mining company, even one with multiple mining projects in development. We talk about progress over the last nine months, including discussing the company’s projects in British Columbia.

Also of interest is the firm’s strategic alliance in the US with Alianza Minerals (CVE:ANZ) and its progress with its Stateline project, also in the US. Hardy updates us on activity across the portfolio, which has led to 13 out of 17 projects being advanced by partners now. There are now some excellent results coming out of some of these polymetallic projects.

Cloudbreak Discovery is in a good position to deliver observations on the impact on the pandemic on the mining sector, as well as how things are opening up and how this allows the company to visit new potential projects – e.g. in West Africa. It makes life a little bit easier for the geologists to go out and do some on site exploration.

We go over the company’s ambitions in Africa and also the rationale for listing in London in the first place. Hardy discusses some of the countries Cloudbreak is looking at and the sorts of projects it is already interested in. We also talk about which sort of world class project he would really love to get access to, which could attract a serious partner.

Metals prices are now very much in focus now, and commodity markets look very different in March than they did last July. Hardy tells us about how all this is affecting the mining sector. And it’s not just the metals prices. He makes some interesting comments on where he thinks metals and wider commodity markets are right now, and how supply issues in key markets like copper and nickel will play out.

We get some perspective on strategy and how prospecting is changing – e.g. developments in tools and mining technology and how this gives current exploration an edge. Hardy feels this is especially relevant for Cloudbreak’s approach. Technology patents remain an important competitive edge in this industry.

The discussion would not be complete without touching upon the role that mining still has to play in the green energy revolution and how companies like Cloudbreak Discovery have an important role to play in meeting those demands.

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