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Podcast: Bringing cryptocurrency trading into the regulated world


This week, we meet with Jeff Hancock, Co-Founder and CEO of Coinpass. Coinpass is a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, founded to solve the demand for fast, reliable, professional and high-quality financial service products for crypto-to-fiat trading in the UK.

As societies across the world emerge from the Covid-19 crisis, the cryptocurrency market is likely to experience significant changes to its structural and operational composition. Given this context, this episode will be of interest to many listeners and especially cryptocurrency traders.

On the podcast

Since its formation in 2018, Coinpass has helped retail investors, professional traders and businesses to access the cryptocurrency markets through its proprietary on-ramp and trading technology. The company has grown to operate within 35 different tradeable markets, with a few more set to be added in the upcoming weeks.

Coinpass prides itself on providing high-quality, fast services compared to its competitors. Through the on boarding of a range of retail and institutional clients, it aims to build a community of cryptocurrency investors and become a global leader in the digital finance space to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital assets. Another defining feature of Coinpass comes in the form of building trust amongst its retail and business users through its Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registration, high level of transparency and focus on customer satisfaction.

With the FCA becoming the main focus for regulators assessing the cryptocurrency market, increased regulation is bound to be enforced in the coming years. Jeff Hancock tells us on the podcast that this will turn out to be a good thing for the industry as it will bring ensure greater legitimacy and therefore put crypto exchanges like Coinpass on an equal footing to more well-established financial institutions from a regulatory point of view. Ultimately, this also suggests the market has room to grow and expand further.

The current conflict in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine is also likely to influence the cryptocurrency market. Investors who were previously invested in the rouble have started to exit the currency and adopt crypto assets because, as Hancock claims, crypto can act as a currency liberator. In the first week of the conflict, the number of signups of Paxful and local bitcoins skyrocketed because they are not a traditional exchange and considered more decentralised. However, the scale and magnitude of the Ukrainian war means only a small proportion of rouble exchanges have been accessible for cryptocurrencies.

In terms of the upcoming developments for Coinpass, Hancock highlights the incoming introduction of stable tokens to the platform as a key area of interest for investors. The introduction of stable tokens will make the company the first cryptocurrency exchange to offer such digital assets and ensure an additional 27 markets can be added. Staking for Polkadot, Tezos and Solana will also be added to the platform in due course.

Overall, the idea is for Coinpass to develop from simply a cryptocurrency exchange to a wealth creation platform for regular retail investors who want access to crypto in a secure way, whilst also offering options for ready-made portfolios to users.

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