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Podcast: Pierre Debru talks to us about investing in quality stocks


On this podcast, we discuss investing in quality stocks with Pierre Debru, Head of Quantative Analysis and Multi-Asset Analysis at WisdomTree. We speak about the potential advantages of ETFs over direct stock investment, designing a resilient investment strategy and how to find quality in small, medium and large caps.

This is a useful podcast to listen to if you are weighing up the relative advantages of ETFs versus direct investment into stocks. We go into some of the thinking behind the construction of the indexes which ETFs follow and how investors can make use of ETFs on a tactical basis.

One of the case studies we examine is the bias some investors have had towards tech stocks recently: there has been some great performance realised for allocators, but at the same time that success has forced rebalancing from index and ETF designers to compensate to avoid concentration risk.

Also discussed on the podcast are dividend stocks, often a favourite with smaller investors. Can a dividend yield strategy be achieved more simply – and cheaply – using an ETF instrument?

Podcast with Pierre Debru, Head of Quantative Analysis and Multi-Asset Analysis at WisdomTree

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This article does not constitute investment advice. Make sure you do your own research or consult a professional advisor.

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