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Podcast: Q&A with Kyler Hardy, CEO of Cloudbreak Discovery


This week’s podcast features a discussion with Kyler Hardy, the CEO of recently listed Cloudbreak Discovery.

The company went live on the London Stock Exchange in June. We have been following it closely because we have been interested in its proposition for investors who are inclined to spread their risk within the mining sector.

Many junior miners will focus on just one or a handful of projects, usually around one metal. Cloudbreak Discovery, as Hardy explains, is a diversified portfolio of carefully selected prospects. Cloudbreak Discovery is not a junior miner either – it seeks to partner with explorers and developers on the projects that it locates, some listed, some privately held.

On the Podcast

As we discuss on the podcast, part of the value of the company is the skilled team that is responsible for combing through geological data to locate potential projects. It also leverages an outstanding network of potential partners across the global mining space. These are the companies that will be actively involved in the actually surveying and drilling of sites.

Beyond that, Cloudbreak Discovery is also focused on opportunities that will provide the raw materials for the coming alternative energy revolution.

Cloudbreak Discovery will typically be working on eight or nine projects at one time. Even before it listed it was able to realise value worth $23m from less than $2m in project investments. On the podcast we talk to Hardy about just how this works in practice. How does Cloudbreak Discovery monetise the assets alongside its partners?

The company is currently heavily focused on projects in Canada, although it already has an interest in West Africa as well.

Cloudbreak is not standing still by any means this summer. It recently announced an alliance with the aptly named Alianza Minerals (TSXV:ANZ) to acquire the Klondike Property, 843 hectares in the Paradox Copper Belt basin in Colorado.

It also has a stake in Imperial Helium Corp (TSXV:IHC) which recently got the green light to explore the potentially massive Steveville helium basement dome in Alberta. IHC has acquired seismic data to help it to understand the true scope of the basement dome, which famously blew out in 1940, demonstrating its potential credentials as a major new source of helium.

Outside of North America, Cloudbreak Discovery signed a deal in June with Temas Resources (CSE:TMAS) and Erin Ventures for the joint development of the Piskanja Borate project in Serbia. Cloudbreak has a 15% stake in Temas. The Piskanja project is a wholly-owned Erin Ventures boron deposit, with Temas Resources set up to receive 50% interest via common shares and warrants.

These are just a sample of the projects in which Cloudbreak has an interest. On the podcast we discuss some of the others with Hardy and the rationale underpinning them.

Cloudbreak Discovery has the versatility to operate across a very wide range of potential stakes and markets and to also structure each deal according to the opportunity. This provides it with the scope to pick those greenfield, lightly trodden opportunities which its management team feel will deliver the best returns for shareholders.

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