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PortfolioMetrix launches seven new funds for Europe

South African fund manager PortfolioMetrix has launched seven new funds using the Prescient Fund Services platform in Ireland. The funds have been approved as UCITS, meaning they are qualified for pan-European distribution.

The funds comprise three risk-profiled, multi-asset, multi-manager portfolio optimised in euro, three that are being aimed at the Swedish market, and a global diversified fund.

Award-winning expertise

PortfolioMetrix was set up in 2010 and has throughout its history aimed as disrupting the way investors in funds are serviced, seeking much closer integration with financial advisers and using technology to help it to achieve this. The firm has award-winning expertise in asset allocation, fund selection, risk management and portfolio construction.

Last year PortfolioMetrix set up an office in Stockholm in order to help it to deliver a customised proposition to investors in the Swedish market. PortfolioMetrix is working with Prescient Fund Services in Ireland to help it to roll out the euro-optimised UCITS funds across the EU in 2019.

“It’s all about gaining deep insight into understanding and valuing the role played by our partners, the advisers,” explains Brandon Zietsman, CEO at PortfolioMetrix.

PortfolioMetrix has invested heavily into proprietary technology, called WealthExplorer, which provides advice and efficiency tools to advisers that helps to underpin their overall investment offering to clients.

In March 2017 PortfolioMetrix launched a range of seven risk-rated model portfolios in the UK, which included an advisory charge of 0.35% on top of the fees of the underyling funds. Charges for the funds in the portfolios ranged between 0.45% and 0.87%, according to Nic Spicer, who was appointed as portfolio manager with the PortfolioMetrix business in London.

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Vanya continues to cover international commodities markets globally, specialising in particular on metals and alternative energy. She is also the author of a book on CFD trading.

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