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Privacy and Cookie Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy throughout all your interactions with us, including the use of our website.

For clarity, we are:

Armchair Trader Limited
4th Floor, 36 Spital Square, London E1 6DY
Company Number 07549040

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the information we have about you, please contact us at this address or use our online enquiry form.

What information do we have on individuals?

The personal information that we have concerning individuals is their name and email address, which individuals provided to us when signing up to our newsletter or registering on the website.

It is necessary for the conduct of business – so that we can reply to your emails, for example – and for separate legal document retention purposes to keep appropriate records on our communications and transactions for a certain period. If you would like more information on our data retention policy please contact us.

If we collect information from you for one purpose, we would like to reassure you that we will not later re-purpose that information for something unrelated without first informing you and if necessary gaining your consent. So for example we will respect your privacy by not adding you to a marketing email list just because you have sent us an enquiry from our website.

When downloading one of our free guides we will also add you to our newsletter mailing list. While in this way we are incentivising consent, it is our belief based on ICO guidance that this is fair, firstly since you are not unfairly penalised by not downloading a guide, and secondly because the mechanism for withdrawing consent (unsubscribing) is straightforward.

We do not collect ‘sensitive’ information about you. By sensitive we mean information related to your race, religion, children, politics, sexuality, health, biometrics, criminal records or membership of trade unions. Neither do we use your data to perform any kind of automated decision-making or profiling.

On our website, as on most websites, we use cookies to help us analyse how different parts of the website perform and to detect any issues. Further details on our use of cookies are provided in the section below headed Cookies. We do not feel this impacts your right to privacy in any way.

Keeping your data updated and secure

Our records of emails, and enquiries sent via our website, are kept in a securely passworded email system with access limited to appropriate company personnel.

Your personal data is not transferred to any third-party except where this is necessary for the fulfilment of a contract with you, where required by law or as noted below. Your personal data is not transferred outside of the UK except within the confines of the EU-US Privacy Shield.

In rare circumstances we may have to allow third parties to access to your data in order to fulfil legal obligations to, or at the request of, UK Government authorities,

Such third parties are under the same obligations to you of confidentiality and data security.

In the unlikely event that a data breach occurs we have provisions in place to handle the breach and inform you and the necessary authorities should that be required.

Your rights

Current data protection legislation gives you certain rights over the processing of your personal data. ‘Personal’ in this case meaning information that can reasonably be connected with you as an individual.

These rights include the right to access and amend your data, restrict access to the data or even delete it – commonly known as ‘the right to be forgotten’. Within the constraints of our ability to conduct business with you and retain records for legal reasons, we are committed to keeping your information up to date. Please contact us at the address above if you wish to amend your details or otherwise exercise your rights with respect to your personal data.

There is no fee to access the personal data we have on you and we aim to resolve any queries within one calendar month of receipt. If we feel your requests become repetitive or are unfounded we may respectfully decline or ask you to pay a reasonable fee for us to handle your requests. Should you feel we have not handle your request in a suitable manner, please in the first instance raise this with us so that we can resolve the issue to your satisfaction. Should you still feel you need to raise a complaint about our handling of your personal data, you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) at

If you wish to read the full text of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) please visit


Internet cookies are data files stored on your computer by the websites that you visit, and are commonly used to remember your preferences when you visit a website once again. Website owners use cookies to make their websites easier for people to use and to analyse how their websites are being used.

Within your internet browser you may switch off or otherwise limit the use of cookies. You may find that if you do so many websites, including ours, do not function entirely as you might expect, if at all.

On our website we use cookies to keep an eye on how many people visit it, and what they look at when they do. The data is anonymous. We do not know, and have no interest in knowing, what you as an individual are looking at. The tool we use to help us analyse visits to our website is called Google Analytics, in which we are prohibited from collecting any personally-identifiable information.

We show advertisements from third-parties on our website. Those advertisements may themselves set cookies and thereby show you more relevant ads when you visit other websites, rather than irrelevant ones. We are not able to vouch for how these anonymous cookies will be used by these third-parties. You can find out more about tracking and advertisements at

If you would like any more information on our use of cookies please contact us at the address above.

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time.

Thanks to our Partners

Our partners are established, regulated businesses and we are grateful for their support.

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