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Private investors losing confidence in UK government


A new survey of private investors in the UK with at least £10,000 has shed light on what they are planning to do in 2018, but has also unveiled the fact that nearly 4 million investors in the UK have less confidence now in the strength and unity of the UK government than they did at the start of 2017.

A nationally representative survey of UK investors was commissioned by Market Financial Solutions, a bridging lender, found that over 75% of investors do not think that Brexit will affect their long term investment strategy. They also say that the way they invest has not been impacted by the EU referendum result of June 2016.

Market Financial Solutions: UK investors have positive long term view

UK investors are more worried about global events, however. In particular they are focused on the actions of major power brokers like Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and yes, Kim Jong-un.

Perhaps of most interest is the fact that most investors are planning to buy traditional assets like shares and property in 2018, rather than risking money in crypto currencies. Many (63%) still consider property to be a safe and secure investment in the current market, despite the fact that there has been a slow down in UK property prices.

“While confidence towards the government has clearly been shaken by the shock of the general election result, multiple cabinet reshuffles and the slow pace of Brexit negotiations in 2017, today’s research shows that investors still have a positive long-term view of the year ahead,” says Paresh Raja, CEO of Market Financial Solutions. “Indeed, the survey illustrates that concerns around Brexit uncertainty are not having a notable impact on investment decisions.”

The survey polled a representative sample of 2000 investors. They were classified as those with investable assets, not including property, pensions or SIPPs, worth £10,000 or more.

The Armchair Trader says:

The interesting finding here is that despite the hype surrounding crypto currencies, few investors feel they represent a good long term investment. Geopolitical risks are obviously a source of concern for many investors, as these continue to dominate the news, although some are more imagined than real. UK investors still favour property, which comes as no surprise, given the low interest rate environment and the way house prices have performed since 2000.

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