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ProStar Holdings granted Canadian patent for buried utility location technology


Underground mapping technology specialist ProStar Holdings [TSX-V:MAPS / FSE:D500] has been granted  a Canadian patent to protect its proprietary engineering technology.

The patent is a pioneer patent and directed to mobile devices used for the data collection processes that capture information about utility assets, create data records, and transmit the information to the cloud from the mobile device. The patented device and method provide critical utility asset data in a more timely and efficient manner which helps to prevent damages to utilities and the environment during infrastructure construction, repair, and ground breaking activities.

“A pioneer in precision utility locating”

Canadian Patent No. 3,034,837, was prepared and prosecuted by Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP, one of the United States leading intellectual property law firms.

“ProStar is a pioneer in precision utility locating, precision utility mapping, as well as digital management and distribution of utility information,” said Raymond R. Tabandeh, the LRRC partner who prosecuted the patent. “This is ProStar’s 20th issued patent and further buttresses ProStar’s extensive U.S. and Canadian patent portfolio.”

ProStar’s issued patent covers the system and methods for generating a precise location of a buried utility, as well as displaying the information and sharing the information in real time. The patent is comprehensive and includes information about the topography of a region and the utilities located within the region.

Assembling a portfolio of 20 patents underscores the value of the ProStar underground mapping technology suite and the overall value of the company. While historically ProStar has been primarily focused on the US market, the addition of the Canadian patent also supports its strategy for international growth.

Listen: Podcast with Page Tucker, CEO of ProStar Holdings

What is covered by the patent?

The patented method and system covers critical information that is required, including providing information about the topography of the region; receiving information about a user collecting data related to one or more utilities in the region; receiving information about time and date of the collected data; receiving information about each of the utilities; receiving information about the location of each of the utilities; receiving information about the manner of collecting data; receiving information about revisions made to the information about the map; and integrating the received information with the information about the topography of the region into a geospatial data transaction. The information may then be displayed with reference to imagery of the area in real-time.

ProStar’s Chief Executive Officer and a coinventor of the issued patent, Page Tucker, added, “It is a major milestone to have been issued our 20th patent. Not only does this issuance validate that we are the pioneer in utility mapping, but this issuance also puts us in a strong position supported by a very extensive IP portfolio to start prosecuting any patent infringements.”

One of the key advantages of ProStar is the scalability of its technology and the ease with which it can be rolled out across the international engineering sector. It is pioneering the use of and access to critical data around underground utility infrastructure, allowing personnel on the ground to see and also report the existence of pipelines and cabling. This is already creating a significant edge for users of the technology and attracting the interest of state level regulators, engineering consultancies and  utilities.

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