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InfStones launches secure Ethereum validator service post Shanghai Upgrade


InfStones, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider offering scalable PaaS, has announced the release of its highly secure Ethereum validator service, designed to arrive just in time to serve the growing needs that have arisen as a result of Ethereum’s long-awaited Shanghai upgrade.

With more than 16.4 million ETH currently staked on the Ethereum network, the eagerly awaited Shanghai upgrade aims to inspire numerous users who previously harbored reservations about participating in ETH staking to get involved.

This software upgrade is designed to enable stakers to finally withdraw their ETH and all accumulated rewards, spanning the past three years since the pivotal Beacon Chain launch when Ethereum formally started the transition away from its original Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism to Proof of Stake (PoS). Up until this point, ETH stakers have had the ability to stake their ETH directly on the network without being able to unstake their tokens.

InfStones aims to address the heightened market demand for staking on Ethereum that will be spurred by the Shanghai upgrade. Recognising the potential impact of the upgrade on the Ethereum ecosystem, InfStones is committed to offering a seamless and secure staking experience, allowing users to benefit from the network’s expanded capabilities.

By providing a cutting-edge, feature-rich platform that simplifies the staking process, InfStones aims to empower a wider range of participants to join the Ethereum network while fostering increased decentralisation and contributing to the overall growth and success of the Ethereum community.

While the Shanghai hard fork will enable the unstaking of locked assets on Ethereum, one important technical issue still remains, which InfStones is helping to address with its validator service – Ethereum has not yet solved its scalability problem.

This has led to many technical bottlenecks in the past, and will continue to be a significant barrier in the future. Institutional entities who intend on either setting up thousands of new validators or withdrawing their funds by closing all their existing validators will probably be doing so one at a time. In addition, most of the popular ETH staking platforms are both centralised and custodial, which goes against the Ethereum protocol’s vision of decentralisation that it was intended to support.

How InfStones works

InfStones’ cutting-edge validator service presents an elegant solution to these challenges and will enable an optimal user experience for staking on Ethereum after the Shanghai Upgrade. By harnessing APIs and cloud-based nodes, it amplifies users’ computational capabilities. The sophisticated scalability platform delivers throughput and decentralisation, tapping into the strength of over 80 interconnected blockchains. This ensures unparalleled uptime and network stability, while empowering users to operate their own nodes and independently confirm and verify transactions after utilising the setup service.

The robust blockchain infrastructure provided by InfStones effectively eliminates bottlenecks arising from heavy traffic on Ethereum during peak periods of staking withdrawals or concurrent blockchain transactions.

One-click setup

As the longest-running validator service provider in the global market, InfStones boasts an impressive track record of operating Ethereum validators for over 19,000 consecutive hours and counting.

To stake ETH on the InfStones platform, users can set up their own validator node with the click of a button. The platform is crafted to enable a seamless experience with minimal need for customer support. However, a dedicated and experienced customer service team is available 24/7, should any issues arise.

Following the Shanghai upgrade, users can conveniently withdraw all of their ETH staked through the InfStones platform at any time by the simple click of a button.

Batch up to 1000 validators

The InfStones platform caters to large, institutional entities by offering the capability to batch up to 1,000 validators for ETH staking in a single click. Upholding a high standard of security and trust, InfStones never gains access to users’ wallets. Instead, it establishes a direct connection to the smart contracts that facilitate staking, ensuring a seamless non-custodial and secure experience for all participants.

Stake less than the current minimum of 32 ETH

Many platforms require a minimum of 32 ETH (presently valued at approximately $53,000 USD) to partake in ETH staking. However, following the Shanghai Upgrade, InfStones can accommodate staking amounts below this threshold. By offering this flexibility, InfStones opens the door for participants with less than 32 ETH to join the Ethereum PoS network as well.

Commenting on InfStones’ Ethereum validator service, Founder and CEO Dr. Zhenwu Shi remarked, “Our Ethereum validator service enables anyone to securely launch Ethereum validator nodes for staking purposes with just a few effortless clicks.”

Users staking ETH through InfStones’ validator service retain complete control over their tokens at all times, thanks to the utilisation of non-custodial wallets for staking on the InfStones platform and the absence of a centralised token pool. Additionally, users can access detailed reports of all their validators and reward details around the clock.

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