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Last week was a crazy week for stocks with the market very much focused on the impact of the millions of day traders on the r/wallstreetbets forum on Reddit. One of the more influential of those is the widely followed trader Keith Gill, also known as Roaring Kitty on YouTube.

As an investor Gill was one of those who saw the long side opportunity on GameStop and has consequently attracted considerable interest in the US market. He was profiled last week in an article in the Wall Street Journal. Of particular interest to The Armchair Trader was the photo taken by WSJ journalists as part of the article, of an open note pad.

The notes include a list of stocks Gill has been looking at in the past, and we were very interested to see that two of the stocks we follow closely, TAAT Lifestyle & Wellness (CSE:TAAT) and Nano One (TSXV:NNO), were both on that list. Gill lists both TAAT’s Canadian stock code and also its US OTC code of TOBAF.

Shares in TAAT on Frankfurt rallied almost immediately on open and were over 128% in Frankfurt in early trading, well over the Friday stock price close of 1.71. We expect most of the action on the German market today well before Canada opens.

Nano One and TAAT have both been winning stocks for us

The Armchair Trader first started covering Nano Once back in December 2019 and the battery technology specialist has seen a considerable rise in its stock price since then. There continues to be avid speculation about a still unnamed auto manufacturer that Nano One is in talks with, a company that is evaluating Nano One’s proprietary battery technology. By the end of last month, Nano One’s share price was up +439% since it joined our pick list.

TAAT Lifestyle and Wellness is also listed in Frankfurt (FRA:2TP2). It is a pioneering producer of Beyond Tobacco, a non-nicotine material that duplicates the taste of tobacco. Already being manufactured in the US, it is being distributed in Ohio and targeted at smokers who want an alternative to vaping that is non-addictive.

Roaring Kitty list includes disruptive tech companies

Both stocks represent very disruptive plays within their respective markets and both still have enormous growth potential and attractiveness for investors. TAAT’s Canadian market cap currently stands at $226m, while Nano One is at $450m.

Gill – aka Roaring Kitty – was one of the traders who identified the considerable short interest against GameStop in the US market and has since become famous as a consequence. While it is impossible to confirm for certain exactly when Gill was focusing on both TAAT and Nano One, it cannot have been that long ago given that TAAT’s profile has really only come to the fore in the last few months following the appointment of visionary tobacco CEO Setti Coscarella to the helm of the company, and the company only listed last summer (22 June).

If you are interested in TAAT, further news on the company will be on The Armchair Trader later today.



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Stuart Fieldhouse

Stuart Fieldhouse

Stuart Fieldhouse has spent 25 years in journalism and marketing, including as a wealth management editor for the Financial Times group, covering capital markets and international private banking, and as an investment banking correspondent for Euromoney in Hong Kong. He was the founder editor of The Hedge Fund Journal.

Stuart has worked at CMC Markets, supporting the re-launch of its global financial spread betting and CFD trading platforms. He is also the author of two books on trading, published by Financial Times Pearson. Based in The Armchair Trader’s London office, Stuart continues to advise fund managers, private banks, family offices and other financial institutions.

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