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TAAT Global Alternatives launches Beyond Tobacco in Georgia and North Carolina


Peach State Distributor, aka PSD, has become the latest distributor to take orders of Beyond Tobacco from TAAT Global Alternatives (CSE:TAAT / OTC:TOBAF).

Previously called TAAT Lifestyle & Wellness, TAAT is the owner of a non-nicotine alternative to tobacco – and to vaping.

Up until this point TAAT was focusing its efforts primarily on Ohio as well as online distribution across the US. PSD is now giving it access to some other key markets including Georgia and North Carolina. TAAT is shipping enough Beyond Tobacco to test the market.

Why is Beyond Tobacco proving so successful?

Beyond Tobacco is proving to be a resounding success in the US market already, as we anticipated when we first covered the company. It provides existing smokers with an alternative to nicotine, and can play a role in helping smokers to give up entirely. It mimics many of the qualities of tobacco without the addictive element of the nicotine itself.

TAAT has secured and expanding manufacturing facilities for Beyond Tobacco in Nevada and is in the process of scaling up its distribution.

Peach State Distributor is a division of Forte International Spirits Direct Distributing, which carries regional specialty brands of liquor and liqueur. Operating on a direct-to-store delivery basis, PSD carries a variety of convenience category products to include beverages, snacks, and specialty lifestyle goods.

Listen: Podcast with Joe Deighan, Founder and Director of Research, TAAT Lifestyle and Wellness

Distribution to 1200 stores

PSD distributes to approximately 1,200 retail stores including 800 convenience stores as well as liquor stores and independent chains of “cash-and-carry” markets, many of which already carry tobacco products. Approximately 90% of PSD’s accounts are located in the state of Georgia, though it also services retailers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama.

More than 1.2 million adults in Georgia are tobacco smokers, representing approximately 17.4% of the state’s adult population1. As of mid-June 2021, demand for TAAT from smokers aged 21+ in Georgia has proven strong despite there having been no targeted marketing or promotional efforts in the state.

“Many of our existing product offerings are strategic alternative choices for consumers who are seeking to forego certain ingredients that are common in mainstream products (e.g., sugar in soda),” said Paul Duffy, Director of Sales for PSD. “As such, TAAT is a natural fit for our product portfolio as an innovative alternative to tobacco cigarettes which contain no nicotine or tobacco. It turns out our perception was correct, as the entire order of 15 master cases sold out before the shipment even arrived through pre-sales to retailer accounts in Georgia as well as a few in North Carolina.”

TAAT confirmed that it has attracted the attention of several major distributors  across the US already. Georgia was chosen partly because of PSD’s ability to lead commercialisation efforts for emerging alternative products similar to TAAT. Georgia also has the advantage of being close to several other US states.

“TAAT has only been available for purchase at retail for about 200 days now, and retailers in our second expansion market have already bought out 100% of our first shipment to our initial distributor before it even arrived,” said TAAT CEO Setti Coscarella. “I believe this is a very positive indicator of our potential as we seek to widen our footprint in the United States this year.”

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