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Nano One Materials is a specialist in the technology of lithium-ion battery (LiB) cathodes, an emerging technology in the energy storage market.

Based in Canada and listed on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange (TSX-V: NNO) and NASDAQ (NDQ: NNOMF), Nano One has positioned itself to benefit from global demand for more efficient, cleaner, lighter and safer batteries for cars, consumer electronics and grid storage, all which use LiB.

Manufacturers which make use of LiBs, wherever they are, will benefit from their improved power density versus the current generation of batteries, which has the potential to make the way in which we consume electricity much more efficient.

Fundamentally, this company is focused on the anticipated changes in the way the world makes batteries, the actual materials that will go into the batteries of the future, including those that will be used in the next generation of road transport.

An Interview with Nano One Materials CEO, Dan Blondal

Nano One Materials Share Price Graph

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