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You’ll find a list of the best day trading courses available here. Decide on your level of experience and select a course provider to find out more about them and the day trading courses they offer. Each provider has been carefully checked by The Armchair Trader team. If you are new to trading, take a look at our free trading for beginners guide to help you get started.

  • Trusted course providers
  • High quality courses from experienced tutors
  • A range of courses to suit all levels
  • A selection of online and in-person courses
  • Discounts available on selected courses

Best Day trading courses


Symax Fintech
2nd Skies


Symax Fintech
2nd Skies


Symax Fintech
2nd Skies





London classroom, live online classes or video playback anytime!

London classroom, live online classes or video playback anytime!

Designed to exceed expectations and guided individually

All levels, online, easy to use & 24/7

All levels, online, easy to use & 24/7

Learn their core models and enhanced trading

Strategic coaching

How do I choose from the best day trading courses?

Choosing the best day trading courses isn’t easy. They are:

  1. Expensive
  2. Difficult to value
  3. Quality reviews of coaches are rare
  4. So many courses to choose from

And there’s also the old debate – can day trading be taught or is it innate?

Well, in our view  YESanyone can learn to trade effectively. And we’ll help you to make your choice of where to go to learn from the best day trading courses.

A selection of the best day trading courses 

Here at The Armchair Trader, we have reviewed many courses and coaches over the years as they have come, gone, stayed and grown. The range and style of these courses have been carefully sifted through, along with the various formats, modern technologies and their combinations offered, and all have been individually, selected and categorized.

We have also assessed how people and coaches select each other.  This has involved going beyond summarising our findings and insights. It has included a profiling of the courses, the teachers, the level of trading experience and abilities.  But we have also assessed personalities as well – of both the student and the coach – and looked at the decision making process and manner of communication involved between them.

To find the right answer required intense consideration of the difficulties people face when trying to choose the further education that’s right for them. By learning a new skill we are being asked to spend not just our hard earned money, but to devote an unknown amount of time, mental effort and discipline towards a subject that may be completely new or at least unfamiliar to us. It is important that we have choices, that the choices make sense and appeal to us, that there be no conflicts of interest and most importantly that we can trust the referral. In addition, the people must like each other and get on!

By engaging with this process, we arrived at more than just a shortlist.  The Armchair Trader is proud to introduce our “Best Day Trading Courses”. The selection criteria can be described as being guided by the Three R’s:

To help you choose the right course level, in the right course format and the right personality: yours’ and the teacher’s – the two of you must “gel”!

We have gathered and assessed an array of day trading courses and coaches who have excellent trading experience, are truly dedicated to educating and, as an alumni, offer a range of defined levels of training in a selection of traditional in-class and modern online formats.

In addition chosen teachers and courses have been specifically selected for NOT doing the following: they are not marketing machines designed to sell you course products; they do not receive rebate fees or revenue from affiliated brokers that you hear of through them; and they do not seek to introduce you to brokers at all.

Thanks to our Partners

Our partners are established, regulated businesses and we are grateful for their support.

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