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Unique and affordable live class and interactive online teaching – by trader Chris Tubby, a passionate educator with 40 years experience.

Why we like Master Consulting

  • Unique and affordable live class and interactive online teaching – by trader Chris
  • Whether you are new to trading, want to improve techniques or optimise performance or are seeking one to one mentoring, here is what we like about Master Consulting and Chris Tubby…
  • All levels of ability London classroom and live virtual classes (plus video playback anytime!) Comprehensive detail – live discussion, video library, PPT and e-books.

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Master Consulting Courses Available

Master Consulting
  • All
  • Experienced
Trading Techniques
Trading Techniques One-Day Masterclass

Trading Psychology One-Day Masterclass

Trading for Beginners one-day Masterclass

Trading Big Data One-Day Masterclass

Trader Mentoring Services
Trader Mentoring Services

Technical Analysis One-Day Masterclass

Risk Management One-Day Masterclass

Options Trading
Options Trading One-Day Beginners Class

One Week
One-Week Financial Trading Masterclass

One-Week Crypto and Forex Trading Masterclass

One-Day Forex Trading Masterclass.

MC22 – VIDEOS Everything you need to know – Fundamental and Trading

MC2. Video on Risk Management

Crypto Trading One-Day Masterclass

Commodities One-Day Masterclass

Central Banks
Central Banks One-Day Course

1 Day Practical
1-Day Practical Trading Workshop

Why Master Consulting is right or you!

Master Consulting offer unique and affordable Flexi-Courses that fit in with your lifestyle and commitments,

  • Face to face in London
  • Online

Training is provided by seasoned prop trader Chris Tubby. Over the last decade Chris has dedicated much of his time to educating others on how the markets operate and how to trade them.

  • Senior trader by the age of 22
  • Leading educator and mentor
  • 36-years of prop trading experience (using his own capital)
  • Market-maker
  • ALL asset classes.

Flexi-Courses are available from two-days to twenty-days. You have complete freedom to book a block of consecutive days or spread your days over weeks or months, allowing you to practice between sessions to accelerate your learning.

Sessions can be a blend of theory and practice or entirely practical,

Chris will discuss with you your objectives and design the course to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. Whatever your level of experience, Chris will guide you every step of the way.


  • One-day practical workshops
  • Courses (Flexi) 2-days to 20-days
  • A comprehensive suite of over 20 videos (all subjects related to fundamentals, technical analysis, risk management and trading)
  • e-book Master Trading (338 pages 117k works) updated for free at regular intervals) contains over 400 questions to test your knowledge!
  • Education: fundamentals, technical analysis, risk management, trading psychology, trading techniques, trading strategies, creating a trading plan, and much more on all asset classes, including crypto.

Workshops and courses from £150 per day

Videos from £10 to £45 each or buy the whole suite for £375

e-book Master Trading £175 (for members of TAT only £100)

Mentoring: £50 per hour, £250 full day (6-hours) or £750 per month providing full support, (Monthly subscription includes free copy of Master Trading and a two-hour online 1o1 session per month and weekly feedback)

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance!

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