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Here's why we like Scott Phillips Price Action Masterclass

Scott Phillips Price Action Masterclass offers excellent real-life testimonials of value and success, money back no questions asked. It’s easy to understand and relate to. Scott Phillips is on a mission to help other traders.  A trader for traders’ coach and course.

Scott says “Take this course and say goodbye to confusion, frustration and inconsistent results”.

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Scott Phillips Price Action Masterclass
The Price Action Masterclass

Scott’s 12 insights & advantages

  • The single biggest factor in trading success (HINT: It’s not which stock you buy, when you enter, or how you take profits or size positions)
  • Better than head and shoulders patterns – Learn the little known “retest” patterns which occur at 92% of all turning points
  • Cut the learning process down by years and become a true expert… WITHOUT going down costly dead ends
  • The ONE, CRITICAL THING you must evaluate first on any chart
  • Why you can’t trust indicators all the time: When to use them and when to ignore them
  • Sneaky little tricks to tweak your win rate… the difference between winning and losing
  • What if you could know when to take a small profit and when to swing for the fences?
  • Powerful method of finding the exact “trigger point” which sets off the biggest moves
  • Understand WHY opening gaps get filled – and when they don’t!
  • A simple method of knowing if a trend is likely to continue or reverse
  • Secrets of Volatility Breakouts – Know in ADVANCE when a trading range is poised to break out and in what direction
  • The truth about technical analysis – It is not all created equal. Know which indicators and patterns are an edge and which will lose you money
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