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I’ve been asked a few times if I’d consider reviewing the course over at www.trend-signal.com

Indeed, the thought had occurred to me, and in June 2018, I approached a contact I have had at Trend Signal for some time, with a view to obtaining a review copy of the course and posting my thoughts on the site.

Initially, Trend Signal were open to me doing this, subject to them being able to see the review before it went live – which, I might add, is entirely in line with our standard editorial practice – and the content was duly supplied.

However, in the end I wasn’t able to perform the full review or even really get started, because some key material had not been supplied.

I had been given access to the website and all of the content, but I hadn’t been given access to the software or the coaching sessions.

As a result, I went back to Trend Signal and said that I didn’t think it would be a fair review for them or our readers if I was unable to review all elements of the content; added to which, given that I was missing these elements – key elements, I felt – I didn’t really have a clear understanding of how the course worked.

At time of writing, some months later, I have not been provided with this additional information, so I’m unable to complete a review – although I have had contact with Trend Signal on other matters since, unrelated to my reviews here at The Armchair Trader.

So, it would appear that they are unable to provide me with the full information I need in order to make the review as thorough and comprehensive as I would like.

If this situation was to change, then I’ll obviously update this text and post a full review.

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