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VanEck goes live with SegMint digital assets platform for NFT custody


Fund manager VanEck has launched SegMint GmbH, a digital assets management platform aimed at transforming the digital assets landscape by improving accessibility and security. The idea for SegMint came out of VanEck’s digital assets research effort.

In today’s digital age, self-custody of assets has become increasingly prevalent. There are 11.8m monthly active Ethereum wallets and estimated 74.2m monthly active wallets across all blockchains. However, with this autonomy comes the challenge of sharing ownership and access.

Recognising this need for simplicity and ease of use, VanEck is introducing SegMint, an NFT marketplace and digital assets platform built around its innovative “Lock & Key Model.” SegMint’s Lock & Key Model simplifies the process of managing self-custodied assets by introducing a straightforward solution for sharing access and ownership.

Imagine having a secure vault where you can store your digital assets, and then effortlessly issue keys to others, granting them shared ownership without compromising security. This model not only enhances accessibility, but also provides additional protections for shared assets.

“We identified a significant pain point in the digital assets ecosystem—the challenge of sharing access and ownership in a self-custody world,” said Matt Bartlett, founder of SegMint. “The Lock & Key Model addresses this by offering a user-friendly solution that empowers individuals to securely share their assets while retaining control.”

At its core, the Lock & Key Model is a foundational step towards democratizing digital assets management, starting with a focus on crypto-native users, both those who own digital collectibles such as NFTs and tokenised watches, and others who want access to them.

Streamlined user experience

While the platform’s interface may initially require some familiarity with blockchain concepts, SegMint says it is committed to streamlining its user experience to ensure inclusivity and ease of navigation for all users, regardless of their technical expertise. This emphasis on simplicity lays the groundwork for broader adoption across various industries.

The versatility of the Lock & Key Model opens doors for partnerships with businesses and organizations that have a community of users with a particular interest, who need a solution for asset sharing. Whether NFT holders collaborating on creative projects or enterprises sharing digital resources, SegMint’s model provides a flexible and secure framework.

As VanEck continues to explore opportunities for tokenization, SegMint’s approach not only enhances the user experience within the crypto native community, but also sets the stage for bridging the gap between digital and real-world assets.

Other features of the SegMint NFT offering for investors

Additional SegMint features include SegMint Safes, a custom multi-sig wallet solution, and NFT minting capabilities enhanced with MINTangible’s IP protection toolkit, enabling creators to establish terms of use for their collection by adding personal or commercial use rights.

Users also have the ability to share access to token-gated features as a consumptive utility powered by These features will be initially offered for free.

Depending on the user’s country of residence, access to the platform may be limited. VanEck said it expected interest in Europe and Asia. Initial users will receive a complimentary Adventurer NFT with a verified profile and completed KYC. They will be able to engage in quests and experience an immersive storyline and lore, while being rewarded with additional benefits from the SegMint platform and partner project collections.

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