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app-based stockbrokers dabbl review the weekend press and provide their take on some of the biggest stories set to impact the self-directed investor. 

Does fortune favour the brave?

Saturday’s edition of The Times touches on the psychological challenges of investing, with the author describing how, whilst it’s easier to add to investments you already hold when the market dips, getting into a new share altogether when the market turns south can be something of a struggle. As such, he admits that this has – with the benefit of hindsight – seen him miss out on some solid return. Regardless of this, the article also advocates the benefits of investing a little and often, and a disciplined structure like this certainly helps avoid that internal battle as to whether you timed your investment right. Read the full article 

Don’t forget diversification

Last week, The Daily Telegraph’s Questor column repeated a key message that should be at the heart of any investor’s strategy – diversification. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket as whilst it could yield bumper results, you’re playing a risky game. As the article points out, if you spread your investments across 20 different companies and one of these goes bankrupt, the other 19 only need to grow by an average of 5% each to recover the loss. Read the full article 

Are pension annuities worth a second look?

A couple of papers over the weekend – including The Financial Times – have picked up on whether annuities in retirement are worth a second look. These products which guarantee a stable income for the remainder of your life after retirement fell from favour, both with new-found pension flexibility having been launched in 2015 and the low interest rates of the last 15 years making them expensive products to buy. However, rising inflation and people retiring older means they might be worth a second look. Read the full article 

Is green really good?

A theme emerging across a number of publications this weekend – and indeed our leader from last week – has been criticism of green funds. The Financial Mail on Sunday asks if your green fund is really any different to one with a trendy label and as a result are investors paying more for the privilege of ownership. This is potentially a highly controversial topic, when in some circles it’s believed that ESG portfolios are now consistently outperforming ‘whole of market’ funds. Perhaps the key takeaway however is that if you want to invest for good, do your own research and build your own portfolio of investments where the companies you’re backing are aligned with your own beliefs. Even if you’re keeping a consistent ESG theme, then a diversified portfolio shouldn’t be that difficult to build, and you’re holding those shares confident that your money is being put to good use. Read the full article 

This article has been published in conjunction with dabbl. dabbl is a simple, intuitive app, designed to make share ownership more accessible than ever before. Connecting consumers with the brands they love, know and trust, dabbl is embracing the growing demand from the next generation of investor to have more control over how their money works for them.

This article is not investment advice. Investors should do their own research or consult a professional advisor.

Tony Cross

Tony Cross

Tony Cross is a market commentator with over 15 years of experience, producing compelling, insightful copy for journalists and investors alike. Focusing on macroeconomics, UK blue chip equities and inter market analysis, Cross's commentary is well regarded for its clarity and ability to cut through the waffle. He has been quoted in publications as diverse as The Financial Times, The Times, The Guardian and The Sun. He has also been a regular guest on both Share Radio and TipTV.

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