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WisdomTree, the exchange traded fund and exchange traded product sponsor, has launched a new low-cost physically-backed gold ETP. The WisdomTree Core Physical Gold ETP (WGLD), listed today on London Stock Exchange with a management expense ratio of 0.15%, is designed to offer investors a simple and cost-efficient way to access the gold market by providing a return equivalent to the movements in the gold spot price.

WisdomTree Core Physical Gold is backed by 100% physically allocated gold stored in secure London vaults by the custodian on behalf of WisdomTree. The new ETP draws on WisdomTree’s heritage and deep expertise in developing physically backed ETPs, leveraging over a decade of experience in building gold ETPs.

The most comprehensive gold ETP range in Europe

WisdomTree launched the world’s first physically-backed gold ETP in 2003 and, with $17 bn of assets under management across its range of gold products, is Europe’s largest gold ETC provider.

“WGLD complements our extensive range of gold ETPs, including the most comprehensive physical gold ETP range in Europe – so investors can choose the exposure that’s absolutely right for them,” said Alexis Marinof, Head of WisdomTree Europe. “WGLD is backed by physical gold stored in vaults located in London, the world’s most liquid gold market, and aims to allocate responsibly sourced physical gold. As market leaders in gold, precious metals and commodity ETPs, we remain committed to building our differentiated product range and developing best in class solutions for investors”.

WisdomTree provides Europe’s broadest range of gold ETPs, with WGLD joining WisdomTree’s 11 strong gold product range which consists of low-cost gold solution WisdomTree Physical Swiss Gold (SGBS), physically-backed, currency hedged, synthetic ETPs as well as leveraged and inverse exposures to meet the needs of different investors across Europe.

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WGLD combines key features from WisdomTree’s market leading gold ETP range such as a physical gold redemption capability. The ETP will aim to allocate responsibly sourced gold bullion, to promote high ethical standards for the ETP.

Pro investors plan to increase gold allocations in next three months

Research, commissioned by WisdomTree and conducted by CoreData, revealed that more than one in three (37.5%) professional investors surveyed intends to increase their gold allocation in the next 12 months. While gold prices have pulled back from record highs set in August 2020, investor interest remains high. The precious metal has been one of the standout performers, returning 20% this year.

“Gold can play a number of roles in portfolios and deserves a strategic allocation as part of an investor’s core holding, particularly at a time of unprecedented monetary easing and fiscal stimulus,” said Nitesh Shah, Director of Research, Europe, at WisdomTree. “The diversification benefits of gold in 2020 so far has helped investors mitigate volatility and uncertainty, emphasising the importance of holding this historic safe haven asset in portfolios. Looking forward, with inflation once again on investors’ minds, the need to hold effective hedges against inflation, eroding portfolio value, will become all-the-more important – 2021 could see another year of strong returns for the precious metal”.


Please note this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors are encouraged to do their own research beforehand or consult a professional advisor.

Graeme Andrew

Graeme Andrew

Graeme is Head of Technology at the Armchair Trader. He has worked in online financial investment publishing since 2000 as a website developer, advertising operations manager, data scientist and all-round go-to guy for online technical solutions.

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