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Micro-investing platform Wombat Invest is offering UK investors access to the burgeoning space economy through a new space ETF.

The fund provides the first – and only – opportunity for UK and European investors to gain pure-play exposure to more than 30 space-related companies, including those specialising in satellite technologies, hardware, telecommunications and tourism. They include Virgin Galactic Holdings, Garmin and leading global satellite communications company EchoStar.

ETF is Wombat’s 25th product launch

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In the US and Canada, investors already have access to a range of five space ETFs, which have a combined $785m in assets under management. However, in the UK, Wombat has become one of the first investment platforms to offer an equivalent.

‘The Space Age’ – listed on the stock exchange with the ticker YODA – is Wombat’s 25th low-cost, theme-based fund available to investors. Wombat’s mission is to make investing more accessible and its thematic ETFs are a crucial part of its offering to attract new or novice investors.

Since its launch in 2019, Wombat has attracted over 150,000 users, and offers access to a selection of curated UK, US and EU shares alongside its thematic funds.

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Fractional micro investment platform

Wombat is a mobile-first, fractional micro-investment platform offering everyone the opportunity to become an effortless investor. Launched in 2019, Wombat provides a dedicated mobile investing platform – available on both iOS and Android – offering users both range and choice. With Wombat, users can select from a range of themed funds and individual shares to create a personalised portfolio that reflects their interests, lifestyle, and beliefs.

“We are always looking for new and exciting additions to our range of theme-based funds and The Space Age’ will perfectly complement our growing selection,” said Kane Harrison, CEO and co-founder of Wombat Invest. “Our mission is to make investing more accessible for new investors and we believe it is important to capture their imagination. What better way to do that than by offering the opportunity to invest in the space economy 52 years to the day that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong became the first men to walk on the moon?”


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Graeme Coles-Andrew

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