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XM Forex Competition offering prizes of up to $1M


Starting on 1st June, XM will be offering all of their clients an opportunity to win prizes worth a total of $1 Million through their XM Forex Competition. The top 5 winners from each of the ten monthly competitions will compete in a semi final competition from where, 10 participants will progress to a Final Round. The final will be staged in Thailand with all expenses covered for each finalist along with an opportunity to win $500,000 in cash prizes.

How Does it Work?

XM will be hosting the Forex World Championship on their XM Contest Arena Platform. Forex traders from all over the world will compete in 10 rounds, one each month, to win their share of the $50,000 cash prize pool, win a chance to go to the Semi-Final, and even advance to the $500,000 Final Live Event.

Each monthly round of the championship will have a total of 90 winners who can take their share of the $50,000 cash prize pool, out of whom only the top 5 traders of each round will instantly get through to the Semi-Final Round.


The Semi-Final Round will consist of 50 participants and the top 10 will have the chance to advance to the $500,000 Final Live Event held in Thailand.

The 10 finalists will travel to Thailand, with all expenses covered by XM, to participate in the $500,000 Final Event, which incidentally will be broadcast on live TV.

Who Can Participate?

All XM clients will be able to participate in the $1 Million Dollar Forex World Championship. All you need to do is register a contest username in the Members Area and you are ready to compete.

If you are not currently an XM client, you’ll need to open a Live Account, which should take you about 3 minutes. Once you have registered a Live Account, you’ll have instant access to the XM Members Area where you can register your username for the competition.

How Many Winners Will Each Round Have?

The 1 Million Dollar Forex World Championship has a total of 12 rounds, 10 of which are the Qualifying Rounds, followed by the Semi-Final and the Final Round.

Each of the 10 Qualifying Rounds will have 90 winners, who share the $50,000 cash prize amount. The cash prizes are instantly withdrawable. The top 5 traders of each Qualifying Round, totaling the 50 winners of all 10 rounds, will advance to the Semi-Final to qualify for the $500,000 Final Live Event. Only 10 out of the 50 top winners of the Semi-Final will get a chance to compete in the Final Live Event.

The Final Round offers a cash prize pool of $500,000, which will be distributed among the top 10 traders of the Final Round.

Is There a Participation Fee?

All XM clients with a validated Live Account can enter the $1 Million Dollar Forex World Championship for free, without an entry fee. Every client can participate as many times as they want and in accordance with the competition’s Terms and Conditions.

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