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Free investment guides

We’ve put together a summary of all our free investment guides here in one place. There is no cost for any guide listed here and we’re happy for you to request as many guides as you want.

You’ll find a short summary of each guide and a sign up form when you select the ‘Download’ button. Once you’ve provided your details, we’ll email your chosen guides to your inbox within minutes.

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Beginners Guides


If you already know which markets you want to trade, this spread betting guide will help you to ask the important questions and find the right broker


Contracts for Difference

This free guide will help you to understand how CFD brokers make their money and how you can use this insight to find the right broker for you


How to invest in Bitcoin


This Free guide has been written for investors that are interested in the Bitcoin phenomenon but have no real understanding of the cryptocurrency


What Are Futures?

If you are already familiar with CFDs or Spreadbetting, this guide will help you to understand how futures work, the types of markets you can trade and how you can get started


Trading / Investment Guides

Trading Momentum

This guide is designed to help traders determine their entry and exit strategies. It’s not product or market specific so it’ll appeal to all types of traders interested in maximising profits


How to select Shares

Improve the way you research and identify opportunities today using six common sense strategies with this free how to select shares guide from Hargreaves Lansdown


Elliot Wave Theory

This guide is designed to help traders understand what Elliot Wave Theory is, identify the patterns through charts and show you how you can use it as part of a successful trading strategy


Free Partner eBooks

Here’s a selection of books and guides that our trusted partners are offering for free. Bear in mind The Armchair Trader does not manage the registration process, and as such has no control over application or distribution.

The Naked Trader

Author Robbie Burns offers an expert and highly entertaining guide to the stock market

Download the eBook

Shares Made Simple Rodney Hobson

Shares Made Simple

Rodney Hobson takes you step by step through the most basic concepts of investing

Download the eBook

Financial Spread Betting Handbook Malcolm Pryor

Financial Spread Betting

Malcolm Pryor’s handbook offers advice on how to make money trading spread bets

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*Please note that in certain cases, The Armchair Trader may receive a small fee for each partner guide download